Still Taking Lingerie Back for the Ladies

Maybe it's the time of year… But with Valentine's Day coming up retailers are promoting all their best and sultry lingerie and there are some fantastic offers to be found. 

As I've already said on here, and I'm going to keep saying it until it happens, I think us ladies should take lingerie back. 

Whether you're in a relationship or single, lingerie should be for you. That feeling of slipping into something a little more *ahem* comfortable puts a little glint in ones eye for the remainder of the day. I find a sense of empowerment even. More so than my Wonderwoman pants ever gave me anyway!

Since I've been popping in little lingerie titbits, I thought I'd go all out and admit to trawling the internet last week sourcing out the very best lingerie. A girl can dream...

I came across a great site that I had actually heard of and forgotten about, Figleaves. All the lingerie a girl could ask for. 

Besides the above picks I would thoroughly recommend having a pair of good stockings in your drawer such as these

Don't forget the obligatory frilly pants! I have a pair in red.. of course ;)

Will you be taking retailers up on their Valentine's Offers? I reckon why not! Regardless of what day it is or your relationship status. Taking Lingerie back!



  1. Haha I am so with you on this one, I once owned some Wonderwoman Pants and I definitely feel more confident in a nice lacey bra and knickers!

    I adore figleaves, they do a realistic range of sizes and have a great returns policy! I will be treating myself come pay day. Not quite valentines, but then I love myself just as much on the 1st of March!


  2. Adore the frilly pants!

    Nic (known to friends as Knickers!) x

  3. Oh these are lovely,some nice bits

  4. Hi,

    I agree, i find if i am wearing a nice matching set i feel so much better about myself that day and if a little thing like underwear can give us a little boost in confidence then fabulous.

    Nice choices!



  5. I find it really difficult to find nice underwear that I feel comfortable in as I only have a small bust! One day I'll find a beautiful set that I feel good in!!! x

  6. Vintage lingerie is so sexy. Unff.


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