Monday, 1 September 2014

Wishlist | The 30th Birthday Edit

It's the first day of September, there is a crisp feel in the air and the smell of Autumn is slowly seeping in. Soon leaves will be crunching underfoot and soon.... I will be turning 30!

This September brings some excitement my way and not just in the form of my birthday. This is also the month where I take up residency as the Gordons Chemist blogger for the month so remember to look out for those posts and we've some fabulous giveaways coming up and check out the new look header, we're all about change this September!

In the meantime, I'm being asked by (too many) people what it is that I would like for my 30th Birthday. In truth, this list was hard to construct as I'm not usually one for wanting specific items as gifts. I prefer the surprise element personally but I shall give it a go....

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Herkimer Diamond Ring, Dixi || Love Hate necklace, Bete Noir || Dietrich Swing Trench, Collectif || Vivienne Lace Swing Dress, Collectif || Crown Headband, Crown & Glory || Grid Dress, Simply Be || Vivienne Westwood Bas Orb Earrings, Selfridges || Vichy Idealia Moisturiser, Escentual || Mermaid Necklace, Tigerlilly Quinn || Mini Bas Relief Choker, Vivenne Westwood

I really am that terrible at trying to give people gift ideas for myself. Should you need help picking gifts for others, I'm your girl but when it's for myself..... my mind pulls a blank!

I do need a nice Winter coat and I've always wanted some Vivienne Westwood in my life. I've already gifted myself the grid dress from Simply Be (oops!) and everything else has been bookmarked for a while.

Really, what I'd truly love for my birthday though? A nice lie in, breakfast in bed, flowers and just to be pampered and spoiled for the day. You only turn 30 once, right? Best make the most of it I reckon!

Anyone else have a birthday coming up in September? (Mine's the 20th, just in case anyone was wondering) and it's an age I never thought I'd see. I'm trying my best not to have a wee freak about it and if anyone references ''over the hill'', I cannot be held responsible for my subsequent actions.

Here's to a great September!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Breaking the Stigma | Mental Health

Chatty posts have been few and far between lately, yes, I've noticed too. When I'm coping (albeit just about), I converse. When I stop coping, I stop the conversation.  It's a mistake I make every spiral and it's one I feel I need to address.

A few months ago, for whatever reason, I got lost inside my head. The dark side of my head. My thoughts spiraled from the moment I became aware of my surroundings in the mornings until I eventually, fell asleep. Sleep stopped coming easily. Thoughts whirred noisily around my mind constantly. I jumped at the slightest noise or movement and not just outside. It had started affecting me inside the house too.

I can only attribute it to a couple of changes upcoming.

We've decided to seek a life elsewhere and I'm turning 30 in September.

Suddenly I could only think of everything I haven't managed to achieve.

Then, a good friend pointed out everything I had achieved. It may not be along the lines of The List I'd had in my head all these years but they were achievements all the same.

You'd think that would have helped....

I only spiraled further. Down and down the rabbit hole of darkness. All very dramatic. How I wish I were telling you different.

That brings us to a couple of weeks ago. We had a situation. I'm not going to drag the full details out here for all to see (and judge) but I'll tell you this for nothing. The moment I started the conversation again, the darkness started to seep away. I had to breathe deeply and speak to numurous people about what had been going on and it wasn't easy. Your deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings laid out bare is a frightful thing to take in. It's scary and it can seem impossible to come back from.

But, here I am. I'm being honest and I'm on the road to recovery and yes, it may only be until the next spiral but I've learned a valuable lesson this time around, one I'll remember and one I want to pass onto you...

Keep the conversation going. Don't stop talking. Fight the taboo. Mental Health issues are nothing to feel ashamed about and it's only when we all keep talking, without prejudice, that important steps towards breaking the stigma can be taken.