Friday, 19 September 2014

The Look Collection | Simply Be

I've spent altogether far too much time browsing through the pages over at Simply Be recently. Leading to the gorgeous black grid dress being purchased and also leading to my review of the Kelly Brook for Simply Be collection. If you haven't read it, let me bring you up to speed. I wasn't impressed. As I said at the time though, Simply Be are killing it in other areas and I mean, killing it!

Take the Look collection, for instance. Nestled in this collection are 2 of the most perfect dresses I've come across to date for AW14 and these are 2 dresses firmly on The List.

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The Look Mesh Trim Dress and the Look Grid Design Mesh Dress are complete lust items for me. I saw them and fell in lust. Just like that. So much so, that I spent a good few minutes waxing lyrical about their gorgeousness whilst on the phone to my Mum last night. And so we find ourselves here...

Ogling pretty dresses..


Black mesh dress from Simply Be, Blue grid dress Simply Be, Look Collection at Simply Be, Autumn Winter dress

I'm mulling over the black dress because obviously I'm in desperate need of another black dress.... shhhhhh! There is always room for another black dress, always! As for the stunning blue grid dress, oh there have been tears. It's no longer available in my size. Broken hearted! There is still a good range of sizes available, just not mine.

This is the first time I've really sat up and noticed the Look Collection for Simply Be and if this is anything to go by, consider my eyes peeled for the next seasonal installment. These are the kind of pieces that places such as Asos should be stocking so huge high five to the team that came up with this collection and high five to Simply Be for bringing serious fashion to plus size women.

Which would you go for? Black? Or blue? Or..... both? I won't judge....

P.S. This was the last blog post of my 20s!!! 

Shop the Look Collection at Simply Be here

Thursday, 18 September 2014

How do you ''Find Yourself''?

Rewind a (fair) few years and you'd probably have heard me scoff at anyone who uttered the words ''I need / needed to find myself''.... I'd be the one with the smartass reply ''why? Where did yourself go?''...

Hilarious, wasn't I?

I'm regretful that I was so dismissive all those years ago because now I find myself in that exact situation.

Don't get me wrong, I know myself pretty well. I've spent a long time getting acquainted with myself, my moods, my triggers but that's all I've focused on for so long in regards to getting to know myself.

The thing is, I had a wonderful child over 4 years ago and he makes my heart sing everyday. I also have a truly fantastic husband who seems to have endless patience with me. They come first and have done since they came into my life. It was a completely subconscious shift in prioritising. I stopped thinking of myself. Just like that.

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Now? I'm Mummy and Wife. I love those roles and I wouldn't change them for the world but.... I seem to have lost a little of myself along the way. It's hard to say that out loud.

So, it's with 2 days until my 30th birthday that I've uttered those words I had spent so much time laughing at... I need to find myself. Get to know the new me. Try and ignite a little spark in the old me. Mostly, I need to make time for things I enjoy doing and learn to take some Me Time.

Have you ever had to go find yourself? How did it work out?

I've already looked in the wardrobe, the shoe room and under the living room table. Myself was not there.....