Sunday, 27 July 2014

Geeking out over Anna Sui Palettes

When I think back, right back, to a time well before this blog, I remember one designer with great fondness. A designer I was aware of for starters. This in itself was a huge feat as I was as uninterested in fashion then as I am in football now. That designer was Anna Sui.

Though the Anna Sui Cosmetics empire was conceived back in 1998, it's taken me 16 years to really get the bug!

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The packaging sports the distinctive flair of Anna Sui's designs and boasts a rather sturdy padded cardboard casing, making it great for carrying about.

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Anna Sui Lip Colour Palette c/o

I was most surprised by the lip palette. Usually I find lip palettes to be very balmy and not all that pigmented. These colours pop better than some lipsticks I own and the staying power is incredibly fair! More of a gloss paint and truly lovely to wear.

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Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette c/o

Oh but the eyeshadows! So velvety and rich and ridiculously pigmented. I expect a small compromise when I pick up a palette (I don't know why!) but there is no compromise on product quality in this case.

How perfect for Autumn / Winter are they?! It's like the top rows could be Summer and the bottom rows A/W! Now is definitely the time to snap them up though as  Escentual have these two stunning palettes priced at half price right now! Mind you, Escentual have a site-wide sale on at the moment, one which is proving hard to resist!

Are you an Anna Sui fan? Heading over to the Escentual sale per chance?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The perfect BIG brush by Denman

I take great pride in the blowdrying technique I've honed over the years. I've watched, eagle eyed, as many hairdressers have taken the hairdryer to my hair and finally, one little titbit of information filtered through. The brush. It's all about the brush.

Having fully realised just what I might be missing in my technique, I set off to Gordon's Chemist where I started analysing each and every Denman brush. Denman brushes are hailed as the hairdressers hairbrush and I can see why. We're talking serious hairbrush business here! The kind of hairbrush I'd been dreaming about.

I settled on the Head Hugger and I went for the Extra Large (oooerr!). It has revolutionised how my home blowdry turns out. I'll say that straight off the bat....

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Oh, it's extra large, alright! The barrel is the same width as my hand and longer! My expectations were high as this brush came in just under £10. Now, I had held off so long in purchasing because, well, nearly £10 for a hairbrush but in the 2 weeks I've had it now, I've used it 5 times already! Both on wet hair and also on spritzed bed hair that desperately needed something doing with it.

Having a bob makes hairstyling more difficult than you think. A bad hair day can't be made right by chucking said hair up in a ponytail... because, well, I don't have enough hair so a brush like this proved to be just what I was looking for!

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Above is my hair blowdried, using the Head Hugger brush by Denman ONLY, no straighteners or anything were used after the fact. Rest assured, even though I've had the practice, I'm no pro at blowdrying but this brush took me up another level. A few points that are definitely worth noting; the velvet touch handle means no slipping! This point was a dream to discover. I usually get the brush caught in my hair or it just falls mid blowdry, not with the Denman. I didn't drop it once!! It hugs the head really well, allowing for that little bit more volume at the roots and coupled with the lovely handle, means you can actually get a rhythm going. I was even curling in at the ends, without the brush leaving my hair.

The best thing though? The ceramic coated barrel retains heat, resulting in more damage-free styling. Usually, my hair gets blowdried with a smaller, cheaper round brush and then straightened. Even though I use heat protection spray, I still found that my hair was appearing damaged sooner. White bits splitting at ends of layers and the like. Not any more!!! The Denman Head Hugger has completely eliminated the need for straightening after your blowdry!

I have tried doing a little curl with the brush but again, bobbed hair isn't a great length for such carry on. I do believe it would work really well though and can see it giving great bounce to longer hair, akin to big rollers.

It's the best almost £10 I've spent in a while and I'd highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of whether your hair is short or long. For me, with a long bob, I've already become so attached to this product that I'm off to buy a spare, just in case!  You can usually find Denman in good pharmacies, (just like Gordons!) Or,  they're online at 

Do you need a Denman brush in your life?