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I would guess by this stage that any of you who have followed the blog for a while and those that follow on Instagram would know that I have a deep rooted love for fresh flowers in the home. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that some fresh blooms improve my moods drastically. They don't have to be purchased with a special reason behind them, sometimes simply cheering yourself or someone else up is more than reason enough.

Recently I had the pleasure of roadtesting iFlorist, a company who delivers fresh flowers to your door via post.

Some of you may know and some of you may not but I used to work in a florists. It was one of my most enjoyable jobs (apart from the cuts you'd get from Roses, they may look pretty but they can sting!). Having worked in a florist, I'm aware of what goes into making up a bouquet so I find this stands me in good stead when it comes to forming opinions on services offered by other florists.

iFlorist kindly sent me out one of their Safari Blush bouquets. On site it states that this bouquet will boast blush pink roses and other ''safari blooms''.

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Mermaids Forever | Makeup Revolution

It's always a morning filled with excitement when a new eyeshadow palette arrives here. With each one I find myself inching closer and closer to getting around to switching up my own makeup. Neutrals are great and flicks are better but sometimes I do get the urge to sit and watch some kick ass makeup tutorials and get creative.

No better time than now! The Mermaids Forever Palette from Makeup Revolution has newly dropped and as usual, sees Makeup Revolution throw their hat into the ring in regards to a huge trend we're seeing cropping up... Everyone wants to be a mermaid, right?

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Folk Throwback Trend with Blue Vanilla

Another Bank Holiday weekend has passed us by and suddenly we're hurtling at break neck speed towards the Summer months. If only the weather would hurry up and catch on!

Though there hasn't been much sun around these parts, it has been turning slightly warmer, meaning we can finally ditch the jumpers and cardigans (for the most part) and so I did just that on Saturday. I reached for the most comfortable skirt in my wardrobe (it's so old, I remember torturing my Mum to give it to me years upon years ago, but it has stood me well!) and because it's a folky feel skirt, with a hint to the 70s trends, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some wear out of the gorgeous Folk Print Poncho Top from Blue Vanilla I was kindly sent.

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Comparison | The Thief of Joy

I've been stuck in a downward loop lately. I've been getting myself down and found it very hard for a while there to find a way back. Yesterday though, I caught myself doing something that really brought home just how down I'd gone. I was comparing myself...

This is going to sound preposterous but I'm putting it out there in case you find you do the same and maybe together we can start to move forward.

Example 1: I happened to be watching one of my favourite bloggers on Youtube. I found myself wondering why I couldn't be as cheery and as outgoing as they appeared to be.

Example 2: I was browsing another blogger's blog. A 5 ft 7 beauty of a glamazon. Hair down to her bum, facial features like something out of a Disney movie. Here's me sat here wondering why I couldn't look like a Disney Princess.

I mean, COME ON!?

Example 3: Looking at all the beautiful light infused, white interiors that appear on Instagram, of course set me off looking disdainfully at the magnolia covered walls here. In our rental house. That we cannot paint.

Example 4: Seeing all the pretty stuffs way out of my own budget wondering why I can't have the same.

Example 5: (and probably the most ridiculous) Looking through the Follow Me To Instagram and not understanding why I'm not jetsetting halfway across the world.

So, let's take an indepth look at this situation because I realised yesterday, this is where I'm going wrong. Fundamentally wrong.

I have been comparing myself and my situation to all of the above.

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