Sunday, 25 January 2015

Get the JLo Look (for less)

When Jennifer Lopez stepped out recently in a red satin Dior skirt, my little style heart did a flip flop. It's a stunner of a skirt and I adore how she styled it with cream for a recent press appearance for American Idol. Two similar skirts have been nestled in my bookmarks for a few months now so I'm taking it as a green light to push aside any thoughts that red is just for the Holiday Season and embrace the full frontal colour style.


It's a stunner, isn't it? The length, the material and the shade of red, the pleating and the waistband all works to create a truly glamorous get up.

Obviously, I'll not be rushing out to hit up Dior for such a skirt. Only in my dreams. Thankfully, I'd found a few similar styles!

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Asos (from £16)

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Lily Lulu (£10)

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Asos (£35)

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Folkster ( €109 approx £80)

The Folkster Oscar Skirt is truly a skirt of dreams (it also comes in black, because everything should come in black) though the closest in style to Dior would probably be the Lily Lulu April Skirt, which I have been lusting over since before Christmas. So many times I've hovered over the purchase button, especially when it came down in price but I'm unsure of whether it would fit. If you have no such qualms, I say go for it and so does JLo apparently...

Anyone else feel a need for more red in their lives?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Pamper Night

A while ago I was found lamenting on these pages in regards to the fact I'd never really allowed myself a full on proper Pamper Night. Any time I'd plan to have one, I would go off the idea rather quickly as sometimes it seemed like too much effort and considering the whole point of a Pamper Night is to relax, well, the whole idea seemed fairly counterproductive. However, then the Darts World Championship began. My husband is not a sports fan particularly, but when the Darts are on? I lose all TV privileges and am pretty much left to my own devices.

With the TV occupied and the Living Room filled with Darts noises (I swear the sound of them thumping into the board drives me halfway up the wall!) I took to my books and delved into the Pamper Box that I was kindly sent out by Betfair to keep me company through the dreaded sports TV.

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Pamper Parcel, Pamper Night, Lifestyle Blog
Pamper night box, Darts Championship, What to do when Sports are on TV,

Nestled in my Pamper Box were some of the most wonderful delights, amongst them, what I can only describe as the best popcorn ever from Joe & Seph's (the salted caramel, oh my!) and not forgetting the stunning Serenity Candle from AromaWorks!

Before long my face was caked in a face mask that smelled like strawberry souffle and I was lost in the pages of yet another book and not a moment of Darts was watched by me.

My first proper Pamper Night was a resounding success and admittedly, I could really get used to this pampering business...