Friday, 27 March 2015

Duvet Date Nights with JUST EAT

Himself and I spend pretty much all day, every day together. That's the way it has been since the beginning. We don't go out to pubs, the cinema or restaurants and we're certainly past that rocking-it-out-in-clubs phase of our lives. We're also BFF's. Not just Best Friends. Actual BFF's. We each look forward to getting kiddo down to sleep for the night and setting up the Playstation or lining up a movie to watch. We bitch, bicker and laugh together. We also feel free to stuff our faces full of pizza together. He doesn't even judge me for the questionable noises I sometimes make when eating a good pizza (it happens!).

Those are our Date Nights. Nights when I'm not attached to my computer and nights when he's not attached to his various music recording devices.

There is one constant in our Date Nights. JUST EAT. Though now, I've progressed from getting the computer out to order takeaway, which always used to lead to me opening an email or two, or starting a new blog post... Now, I have the JUST EAT app on my new phone!

We were asked to review the JUST EAT app recently and what better time to do so than a Date Night?

I slipped into something a little more comfortable, got the drinks and sat down to order my first takeaway through my phone. Yup! Total JUST EAT app virgin! I haven't the patience to work out apps usually so I was intrigued to find out just how quickly my patience was going to run out...

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Installing the app was quick and painless. I clicked install and it was on my homepage within 5 seconds. I logged in with my user details (which I actually remembered for a change) and I searched our postcode whilst trying to decide what veritable feast we would be dining on. I picked the pizza place, I always pick the pizza place... Much as though I knew what I was going to end up ordering, because this was for review purposes, I made sure and had a good nosy around the features and menus. I found it very easy to add and delete items from the menu. Added extra options were well displayed. After some exploring, I added our Date Night meal to the basket and clicked 'Checkout'. This is usually where I lose patience, having to enter and re-enter details is a pain BUT the JUST EAT app did it all for me (you can also select pay-cash-on-delivery).

All in all, the whole process took less than 5 minutes. It would have taken less time if I hadn't have been browsing so much and if we hadn't had that 'discussion' about what to order, even though I knew it was going to be pizza.

The JUST EAT app has some nifty features that you don't get on the desktop. For instance, when you place your order, a notification will pop up on your phone's toolbar to let you know that your order has been accepted. It gave us an estimated time of delivery (40 minutes) and we were all set.

Is there anything you can't have on your phone these days though? Himself has had the JUST EAT app on his phone for a while though I did not, this was my first time using it and it is hugely preferable and easily accessed. A few clicks and there was a pizza winging it's way to us.

The pizza didn't last very long..... 

*We were provided with a voucher for review purposes

Thursday, 26 March 2015

On Wednesdays we wear....

I'm forever looking for dresses similar in style to that of Wednesday Addams, I don't always stick to black but I enjoy the aesthetics of a dress with a collar. The other huge plus of a dress with a collar is that you don't have to do much with it. I'm a huge fan of easy style, a lot of my outfits look dressy, when in actual fact they're comprised of maybe one or two items. I don't like fuss, huge amounts of textures and layers, I enjoy simplicity when it comes to getting dressed.

This is why Tunic Dresses are a huge presence in my wardrobe. I can pull one on over tights or leggings and there's an outfit. The actual outfit depends on which Tunic I pick....

Here's one for when you wish to channel a little Wednesday Addams, without going full goth.

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You're never too old for plaits! Right?

This week has been spent in my sickbed, only leaving to attend a hospital appointment on Tuesday. At the moment I'm focusing on working on those spurts of energy and channeling them into stepping outside but when chronic illness and seasonal ailments get in the way it can be hard to separate those from your mental health. If you've been told to stay in bed, stay inside, you still manage to make yourself feel bad about not trying to get outside. But, I grabbed these 3 minutes outside, just 5 steps this time around but hey, it was 5 steps more than I thought I'd be taking outside this week PLUS, I did, in fact, make it to the hospital! I don't know who was more surprised, the Dr or myself....

Feelings Evoked: Casual, cute and warm
USP: The collar is a nice soft material so it won't crease or stick up weirdly.