Friday, 21 November 2014

My Make-Up Storage Woes

I am a neat person. I like my things to be orderly. Since my son came along though it's been more a case of keeping my personal items out of his reach however, I have an embarrassing admission to make... The sorry tale of the make-up storage or lack thereof....

My Make-up Storage Woes, Make-up storage ideas, How NOT to store makeup, makeup organisation, beauty blogger

That's not even all of it... I'm mortified I let it get to this point and dread starting to try and sort it all out. I have little collections of make-up and beauty products hidden all around the house. The dining room shelves, drawers in the dining room unit, drawers in my bedroom, back room and even my bag hasn't escaped the clutter. There's also a shelf on top of my wardrobe that would make anyone blush.

It's time to look at some make-up storage ideas and gather some recommendations because I think it's gone on long enough and how I ever find anything is a little bit of a miracle. I'd love to be able to go to one place and find all my bits and pieces, lined up in a pretty manner, making it easy to put my hand to the exact product I'm looking for and it would be brilliant to be able to reach for my eyeliner or mascara without getting loose makeup ALL over my hands.

Are you like me? Have you bits of make-up stored all over your house or are you one of my idols and have beautifully neat storage? If so, hit me up with your storage methods! I'm quite obviously in dire need of sorting some stuff out and fast!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Christmas Lights Switch On... I made it...

So here we are. I did it. Though there were tears and panics, I did it. Armed with every ounce of support I'd very gratefully received over the last days, no years actually, I did my makeup with a very shaky hand. I carefully selected an outfit to wear. I took a lot of very deep breaths and I walked out my front door.... With The Mr and Wee Dude by my side and every morsel of advice you awesome lot gave me, I made it to the switching on of the Christmas Lights.

I even managed to take some photos (I knew you'd be wanting evidence!)

Monty's Ballymoney, Where to eat in Ballymoney, Evening meals in Ballymoney Toon, NI places to eat
Montys Ballymoney, where to eat in NI, best steak sandwich in toon
Best steak sandwich in Ballymoney, NI eateries, Visit NI, NI Tourism

Much more than that. I was able to sit and eat a meal beforehand! As we tucked into Monty's Steak Sandwich, my courage grew. There was a relaxed and jovial atmosphere with a lot of excited kids running about and you really couldn't help but get a little into the mood.

Ground Espresso Bars NI, Best coffee in NI, Red cups, festive coffee
Ground Espresso Bars, The Agoraphobic Fashionista, Best coffee in Ballymoney,

Next was a short walk upwards to the best coffee place in town, Ground Espresso Bars, where the staff had completely immersed themselves in the spirit of all things Christmas and were decked out in their festive finery and even though the queue was out the door at one point, the coffee was (as always) very much worth the wait. As were the smiles of encouragement from (what I would now call) friends behind the counter.

And before long....

Ballymoney Christmas Lights, The Christmas Lights Switch On, I made it, The Agoraphobic Fashionista

My world lit up...

Parent blog, Being a mum, Agoraphobia, Depression, Mental Health, Time to Change, Time to Talk, MIND

Behind the flashing multicoloured lights here is the face that made it all worth it. Every single moment of panic, tears, arguments and heartbreak. The memory of his face when those lights came on will keep me going for a long time. Yes, there was stress and no, I don't think I'd be in a hurry to do it again as it was incredibly scary and far too busy (and also not fantastically organised if I'm being completely honest) BUT.....


Over 15 years after the fact and I did it and it was worth it. Now I am emotionally and physically drained beyond anything I could have imagined though I wouldn't change a thing. Not one little miniscule thing.

This mightn't seem like a huge deal to a lot of people but for right now, in my life, it doesn't get much bigger. At least for now. Sure there's always tomorrow ;)