Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One Size does not fit all

I wear a lot of tights therefore, I go through a lot of tights. I'm clumsy and I find I will, at some stage, end up ripping each and every pair, some go sooner than others. You could say I'm nearing expert stage in tights, I wear them that much (not that I'd declare myself an expert at anything but you get the drift).

I also have a huge backside. Thunder thighs, a big bum and a waist. No matter what size I've ever been in my life, this has been my shape. It's fair to say there are curves. So, we've established I'm a size 14, my bum is huge and I should add, I'm 5ft.

So! Suspender tights are my favourite style to wear. As most of my dresses / skirts come to below knee length, it's a little twist only I'm aware of in most outfits. Recently I was given the gift of some new suspender tights. I popped those bad boys up onto Instagram right away! Unbeknownst to The Mr, who had purchased the tights, I'd been lusting after some Pamela Mann tights for a while. Could not wait to try them on...

He had picked up a cute little mix of designs actually, I was impressed!

Onto the tights... It isn't good news. The tights themselves haven't much give in them and unlike a lot of other suspender style tights, they are not at all silky to the touch. In fact, the material, in my opinion, felt rather cheap and not at all what I was expecting. The fit was woeful. I wish I was here telling you different. They are labelled as one size and I have to admit to not having a clue whose one size they're basing that on. Even with a big bum to use up a fair amount of room in the tights, I usually still have an excess in length. It's a running joke here how I always end up with rolls of tights gathered around my ankles. Not in the case of the Pamela Mann tights. I just about got each of these pulled halfway over my bum. If I'd pulled or tried to maneuver them anymore, I'd have put a finger through them.

Really rather disappointing in summation. A lesson learned all the same. I'll stick to the brands I know can deliver on good sizing. I'm looking at you, Asos Curve.

Have you tried Pamela Mann tights yet?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Blogs to Follow #1

In the last few months I've watched bloggers battle with rejection and become so down on themselves. I've seen some of my own personal favourite blogs and their writers, picked apart on various internet forums. I've watched some long time favourites try to come to terms with feelings of not being good enough, simply because they haven't been shortlisted for some award or another.

Then a wonderful thing happened...

These last few weeks I've watched bloggers come together over the head of nastiness circulating in the community and really start to share the blog love, today I'm going to do the same.

Here are some of my go-to blogs, some I read first thing in the morning, others I read late at night. Some I check daily and others I binge read at weekends, either which way they are some of my absolute favourites.

Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog, Top beauty blog, blogs to follow

Nic's blog is the first place I head to in order to drool over amazing beauty products. Always with the scoop on what's upcoming, I know I'll find detailed reviews and great swatches here.

blogs to follow, Hello Terri Lowe Blog, UK bloggers

Terri is ridiculous. I know she won't mind me saying so, in fact, she'll probably take it as the compliment it's meant to be. Her fashion sense, her cat, her honest and candid attitude and willingness to tell you when a product isn't all it's made up to be means she had me hooked the first time I stumbled upon her blog.

Blogs to Follow, Rachel The Hat,  

Rachel's blog is my latest obsession and one I binge read, in fact, I've gone back to re-read (look at) posts here. I adore her style sense and envy her wardrobe to a worrying degree. Makes me wish time after time again that I could wear jeans! Glorious photos and a blog I love to see updated!

Blogs to follow, Big Fashionista, UK bloggers

Kellie is... well, Kellie. As her tagline suggests, she usually is the one saying what you're thinking and making absolutely no apologies for it. Forever championing bloggers and businesses, a very supportive friend and an all round good person, what's not to love on Kellie's blog. Everyone needs 1 good opinion blog lighting up their day (and sometimes their rage), Kellie's is mine.

Worship Blues Blog, London blog, UK blogger

Yasumi's blog is where I head to simply to escape. The dreaminess that oozes from the pages here is beyond therapeutic. Whether you're reading about her adventures to far off exotic lands or following her clothes-making journey, keeping up with Yasumi's blog keeps your mood bright and for the few moments you spend reading, you'll find you've become lost in those pages.

betty pamper blog, positive blogger, plus size blogger,

I've decided to finish off this post with the fireworks. The blog that just makes you feel damned kick ass. Those days where you hate the sight of yourself in the mirror? Catch yourself pulling bits of loose skin, worrying about cellulite? Debating whether or not you have that ''bikini body''? On those days.... read Betty's blog. Do it. Kicking every single size taboo in the ass, B just rocks and she rocks hard. Amazing retro style with the most funny and down to earth writing style. A blog that is regularly updated with a positive body embracing message. Can't praise it enough!

These are the first 6, of many many many, blogs that I read and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Do you already follow these fantastic ladies? Who are your favourite bloggers? New reading material is always very welcome!