Bon Marche Blogger Style Swap with Big Fashionista

A while ago I was asked to take part in a Bon Marche Style Challenge, with a twist. They wanted me to give up complete style control to another blogger and that blogger happened to be...


Long time readers and followers of this blog will know that Kellie (who curates www.bigfashionista.com) and I are long-time internet buddies, so it actually worked out rather well. We didn't cheat however and I gave her complete control over what to pick out for me at Bon Marche.

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Aquazzura Lace Up Flats - Budget Alternatives

I had spotted the Aquazzura Lace Up Flats a while ago and of course I fell in love. At a price of around £460 though, I was dreaming.

The Aquazzura Lace Up Flats, dream summer shoes


Microwave Cookie Recipe

We all get to that stage of a month, right? There are no treat foods left lurking in the cupboards and barely enough bits and pieces to work with to create a dinner. Or, it's late at night and you realise you've no chocolate at all. Because I know what it feels like to be deprived of sweet, sweet lush treats, especially when you're feeling low, I'm bringing you a perfect recipe that will at least fulfill your cakey needs AND, it takes less than a minute to make, with NO baking required!

Microwave cookie recipe, microwave cake in a mug, microwave cookie in a mug, 40 second no bake cake, lifestyle blogger


NYC Expert Last Satin-Matte Lipstick inc Swatches

We've come to that point in the year when all the SS15 beauty releases are about to hit counters! NYC are releasing five new shades of their creamy new formula in May and we've got swatches for you.

NYC EXPERT LAST SATIN MATTE LIPSTICK, beauty blog, Uk, Ireland, New York Color lipsticks

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