Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Renesmee Dress | Chi Chi London

I'm delighted to have welcomed another Chi Chi Clothing dress into the folds of my wardrobe. I have fond memories of my Christmas Dress from last year, the Myah dress (view here) and knowing of the sheer luxurious style of Chi Chi's dresses, I couldn't wait to step into the Renesmee dress.

I'd fallen in love with this dress a few months back so I was over the moon when it turned up at my doorstep (thanks Etail and Chi Chi!). As always, with an item you're so incredibly excited about, I was initially hesitant to try it on... what if it didn't suit me? What if it didn't fit? The worrying we do!

I don't know what I was worried about. It's a fantastic dress. I chose to dress it down a little here with my Boohoo Faux Leather Jacket and some budget friendly glitter shoes.

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Renesmee Dress c/o Chi Chi London | Amy PU Biker Jacket c/o Boohoo | Pegasus Pendant, Pluck & Devour by Gráínne Maher | Sparkly Shoes, E5P

Here's the thing. I absolutely love it when some of you get in touch with your style or beauty dilemmas and I've noticed a common thread. A fear of the dress. See, I've always been a dress type of person, shunning trousers for the majority and am of the firm opinion that a good dress will always allow for a casual dress down and by the same token, can be dressed up for occasion wear. This is one such dress.

A stunning baroque patterned skater dress, Renesmee is as romantic as it sounds. Underneath the top layer of the dress are even more layers of petticoat and mesh, giving it a thoroughly prom-like feel. Standard shirring to the back allows for stretch where needed.

Chi Chi London are currently running a 20% discount on all their LBD's and guess what? Renesmee is on that list!

I know where I'm going for my Christmas dress again this year.... is it time to think about that yet?

Engagement Rings for your Star Sign

When I heard that celebrity jeweller, Vashi Dominguez, was hosting a diamond masterclass my excitement was at dangerous levels. With it being held in London, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend but the invite did prompt me to have a (very long) nosy through the sparkling array of diamond rings available online at www.vashi.com.

It doesn't help that we've still not replaced my own diamond engagement and wedding rings, going on 4 years now since I last had my diamonds adorning my fingers and I'm wistful. In those 4 years of looking and weighing up ring options, one thing has become apparent.... my ring style changes from month to month so how would I even go about settling on a diamond design considering there are so many stunning rings available.

Whilst browsing the site I came upon a handy Zodiac Ring Chart that the folks at Vashi had put together. I think this is a fab idea and even more so now I've seen the style of ring recommended for my own star sign, Virgo.

Engagement rings for your star sign, asscher cut diamonds for virgo, Vashi diamond jewellery

Because the Virgo star sign falls under Mercury, some of the more prominent traits are organisation, logical and a perfectionist nature. Can't argue there! The Asscher cut is organised perfection in a diamond. Simple yet powerful and stunning. It helps that I've always been drawn to the more simple style of rings and I've forever been pulled towards square or emerald shapes.

However, I've noticed a brand new trend in Engagement rings. The round cut halo style ring is appearing on digits everywhere. This is where you'll find a stunning round cut, solitaire diamond surrounded by all of the sparkle. A real showstopper design.

Halo soltaire engagement ring, diamond engagement rings, celebrity jewellery

Did it take your breath away? I know mine sure caught in my throat when I first saw it!

Are you a classics girl or are you all for embracing the new showstopping diamond ring trend?

I'm excited to start looking again! Now to just talk The Mr into a vow renewal to go alongside my new diamonds... *waits for hell to freeze over*

collection inspired by Vashi.com. All words and opinions are my own