Monday, 29 September 2014

Scented candles for Autumn | Fig & Cedar

As I'm sure is the same with everyone, coming into Autumn and Winter my scented candle preferences change, quicker than the weather sometimes. Whereas I love the cosy heavy scent of my Yankee Candle Witches Brew (reviewed here) for the evenings, I do prefer something lighter for during the daytime.  Luckily The Country Candle Company had just the ticket in the form of their Fig & Cedar scented candle!

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Fig & Cedar - Candle in Tin c/o The Country Candle Company

Having not been at all well recently, days cuddled up in bed with good reading material (always a pleasure re-reading Strangers In Paradise!) and the perfect scented candle can make all the difference in my mood!

The Fig & Cedar scented candle fits the bill so well. Hints of fig, jasmine and lily are grounded by a lush wood based scent that I just adore. This candle gives off a gorgeous cosy scent with light accents which make it perfect for daytime burning and it fills a room really well.

The Country Candle Company offers fragrances from a top English perfumer and if their Fig & Cedar is anything to go by, I can't wait to try some more! The little tinned candles offer a burn time of 30 hours and they are priced at just £8.50, which I think is quite a bargain for the scent that you get. I burned this candle in my bedroom during the day for an hour and by the time I was headed to sleep that night, I could still smell the slight hint of freshness from the fragrance.

What scented candles are you enjoying this Autumn?

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Is a patch test necessary?

I had been intending to write this post a while ago and then, because the initial incident hadn't happened to me personally, I only went and forgot (that's what turning 30 and having a 4 year old will do to you!). But! I've remembered now and so here we go.

Beauty treatments are now widely available and more handy than they ever were. Want your eyebrows threaded? Apparently Penny's are starting the service, catching up on Superdrug who rolled out their instore brow bars a while back. Beauty parlours are everywhere, where we live there is literally one every few doors on the highstreet. Complete oversaturation, in my own opinion but it does mean as a consumer, there is a lot of choice.

Narrowing down that choice and finding the beautician for you can be a tricky process. Because everyone has a different skin type, it can be difficult to know what you're in for, especially when you're visiting with a new beautician. This is why a patch test is essential.

Last year my Mum had a beauty treatment go wrong in a truly scary way. She had popped into a beauty parlour that my younger sister had recently attended (with no issues) and had her eyelashes tinted. It all went so wrong. Upon opening her eyes after the tinting process had finished, she noted and mentioned to the beautician that her eyes seemed incredibly sensitive to light. Within a few hours her eyes had puffed up to a serious degree and in the next few days left her unable to see. Opening her eyes became nigh on impossible and she was in a significant amount of pain.

Now, I should mention at this stage that she was not advised to have, nor offered a patch test. Whilst patch tests are included in the industry safety guidelines, there is still no law in force that enforces a beauty parlour to stick to these guidelines. My advise is:  request one! Insist on one! When it goes wrong, it really does go wrong.

In the weeks that followed my Mum had to attend hospital appointments in order to treat her eyes. It took a fair while for the issues to calm down. Far too long a while. During which time she was unable to drive, enjoy tv, cook. Such a small thing to go wrong and yet it hugely impacted her life.

Everyone is different and so not everyone can be treated in the same way. This is why skin patch tests and hair patch tests are incredibly important. It's easy to wave this notion simply because beauty treatments are so readily available these days but we shouldn't.

It's only when a beauty treatment goes wrong that you regret not taking the patch test and it can be a painful period of regret so best to err on the side of caution, don't you think?

Have you had any beauty treatments go wrong? Do you get your patch test?