My Sweet Valentine. The NYC Collection.

When I received the press release for the NYC Valentines Collection and it started off with a quote from Diana Ross I knew we were going to get on. 

Boasting hot pinks and pin up reds NYC have made sure they have every girl covered. I love red all year round. There's absolutely no point in denying it. Come Christmas and Valentines though? I go all out! Just so happens it's the hubby's favourite colour for me too so it's a win / win. 

left to right
Times Square Nail Polish
Full Metal Jacket Nail Polish
Madison Avenue Nail Polish
Midtown Nail Polish
Black Natural Eye Lashes
Liquid Lipshine in Rockerfeller Red

Whenever I'm out treating myself NYC nail polishes are always top of my hit up list. Great colours, usually durable and budget friendly they seem to tick all of my boxes.

  I couldn't wait to get a closer look at the new reds in this collection but was ever so excited to get Midtown out to play. The pink reminds me of my youth. You know those great fun girly colours of nail polish you'd get in a set at Christmas when you were younger? Loved it immediately!

Midtown is quite a metallic pink with a slight blue sheen it's just ace. Vivid and fun, a sure fire flirtatious polish for Valentines Day. If a nail polish can flirt...

Madison Avenue was my favourite red in the collection. It ticks all my little red boxes. The right shade of bright coupled with a great depth of tone.

Another gem in this collection is the NYC Liquid Lipshine in Rockerfeller Red.

The only thing I would say is to me it works more as warm pink as opposed to a red shade. I do love it though. As I mentioned it's a lovely warm shade worn on it's own. The gloss itself smells absolutely beautiful and it has a slight glitter / shimmer running through it. The good thing though is it's not overwhelming glitter, it doesn't appear anywhere else on your face after wearing the gloss a while.

A really lovely collection, though let's face it. Show me reds and it's going to be instant love hearts and fireworks ;)


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