Indulge me.

There is nothing worse than when you are already feeling low as a result of illness and you start to break out, get blotchy skin, your hair looks limp and lifeless and the bags under your eyes have gone out and purchased oversized bags of their own. 

This is the predicament I found myself in around Christmas. It got a lot worse as well.

My skin is usually of a good temperament. However battling infection upon infection and being advised against being outdoors had taken it's toll. Not only that, but my usual diet of fresh fruit, veg and water had been replaced by slices of toast when I could manage it as my appetite is absolutely up the left. I'm not well enough to cook so I've not been taking care of myself. I've long since forgotten to take any supplements in the morning and the sheer amount of medication I'm on is having such a detrimental effect on my poor skin. 

I amassed an artillery to go to battle with. My figuring is, at the end of the day, just because I feel like death doesn't mean I want to look it (she types from her bed, in pj's, looking an absolute heap)

The artillery is advancing and it's working. We're gaining ground. The spots and blotchiness are subsiding, my skin is feeling more fresh and substantially softer, it's also looking more even and though I haven't managed a ''glow'' or anything I feel I'm definitely on my way to taking care of the problem. 

I thought I'd share a few tips and products that have helped me in the last few months. 

It's a heavy artillery, be warned. But, it IS working. 

First up, these products have been the backbone base of my new skincare regime....

Rio Sonicleanse // *Pukka Gentle Cleanser

I was exceptionally lucky and won the Rio Sonicleanse  over at Mrs Thrifty's blog and I couldn't wait to get started. Choosing to use it alongside the Pukka Cleanser due to it's natural and gentle cleansing abilities it seemed a perfect match. Rio scared the living daylights out of me initially, it beeps and whirrs to a crazy degree BUT by golly it works! It does say that it's suitable for daily use however, my skin rarely has issues so I decided on a twice weekly regime with the above products and so far I can honestly say it's more than paying off. My skin feels so soft and after the purging cycle was complete the blotchiness and breakouts have ceased.

These were next in my artillery.  The serum itself is amazing. Aimed at exclusively battling dryness of skin it does the job and more. I started applying it twice a day and for a couple of weeks now I've not had one dry patch. As for the thermal spring water, I adore this product. You literally just spray it in your facial direction then enjoy the refreshing sensation. It really is refreshing. Lately I've been experiencing hot flushes etc so this has been so handy to keep on the bedside table. I thoroughly recommend this spring water spray for Spring / Summer. 

Last, but by no means least

Again, aimed at rehydrating dry skin this little beauty does just that. In Vichy I think I've found my brand. Every woman, when it comes that the time is right, finds their brand of skincare. Vichy is, at the moment, my favourite. I'm just running out of their Idealia moisturiser (there may be tears when it ends) and I do intend to repurchase. They smell delicious, the products work and they don't anger my already ridiculously sensitive skin. 

Some of the products mentioned in this post are on offer with www.escentual.com so I've linked to the products where possible.

And that, ladies, is how I'm maintaining my skin sanity at the moment. There are a few others I can't wait to tell you about but I'm all about the baby steps right now. So, for now, go forth and look after your skin!



  1. It's been a fair few years since I used Vichy, but it's a lovely brand for sensitive skin.

    1. It really is Louise, I never get on with brands usually but have been enjoying using this!

  2. Fantastic picks, I use my thermal water every night and it makes such a big difference to my skin!

    1. I can't get over how refreshing it is. Makes me feel so much more alive or something, it's so strange! Wonderfully strange!

  3. I have been wanting one of these cleansethingies for a while now, just never got the nerve to actually buy it since I am afraid I would probably just leave it there and never use it haha.


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