Too Faced

Way back before Christmas, if it even happened... I'm starting to get that feeling you know when you realise Christmas really did go too fast again? That one. Ugh. So yes, before Christmas in the post
I showed you the Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eyeshadow Danielle had sent me as part of my secret santa present. 
Having had Too Faced down on my list ''to-buy-but-never-got-around-to-it'' for ages I was delighted to come across it in my goody box. 

I'm one of these people who like to apply a little makeup, if any, in the morning and my ultimate dream is that it's stays put all day because I don't do touch ups. The idea of a creaseless cream eyeshadow seemed just the ticket and I couldn't wait to give the Jailbait Cream Eyeshadow a go.

Initially  I had thought it was going to be too pink for me. I'm not usually a huge pink person but when I started applying it to my lids it became clear you set the level of intensity regarding the colour. The more you apply the more intense the colour becomes.

Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eyeshadow in Jailbait
NYC Extreme Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner
NYC Skyrise Mascara
NYC Show Time Mascara
Lancome Khol
Inglot Sleeks, 48
Avon, English Rose

I'm pleasantly surprised I have to admit and am rather taken with the pink shockingly. It's definitely a softer tone for warming my skin instead of my usual reds. A whole new colour palette has just opened in front of me folks. Pinks..... 

Oh! I bet you're wondering if it stayed put alright throughout the day? I applied the above face at 10.30am in the morning and the picture below was snapped at 10.30pm that night (how terribly organised of me!)

And as you can see, the eyshadow is still exactly where I applied it. No gathering in the crease of my lid. Impressive!

Is there a colour you usually say NO! to straight away?



  1. Ooooooh! That's a beautiful colour! Xo

  2. So glad you liked it, I chose to give you this because I have it to and I was impressed. Try using it as a base for bronze/gold shadoa and you can get a gorgeous rose gold type of colour :] xxxx

    1. I tried that today! Going to blog it this week - great tip! xx

  3. That's really impressive! I need to find more products that last all day - by lunchtime my face always looks awful haha. I like the colour too, it's subtle enough to look really pretty & not be too in your face xx


    1. Exactly Kirsty, you could wear it during the day for work easily x

  4. I actually love this colour on your eyes, makes them look so blue! Pink eyes are v on trend for SS13 too ;)

    1. It does do wonders for my face in relation to how warm in looks! xx

  5. this really suits you, i love the colour of the lipstick too xx

    1. Thanks charlie, I'm not sure if that shade is still available to buy I'll have a wee look though x

  6. Amazing blog and I love your post! The colours are so nice!
    Am now following :D
    Would love a follow back :D


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