Sunday, 6 January 2013

Inglot Sleeks, 48

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had to do a post-Christmas clear out... How many of you pulled out clothes drawers, hangers and emptied out your makeup drawers this week? All in an effort to fit in lovely new presents. Well, that was me. 

I find so much joy in that part. I'm somewhat of an organisation fiend. 

In saying that, I came across a product I'd swatched here before, put back in the makeup drawer (still in it's box!!!!) and never looked at again...

until now!!

Inglot Sleeks, their shimmer gloss, no: 48

 I initially referred to this product in a post last July, Sunsets & Meadows with Inglot when I was kindly sent a few bits from the store as I couldn't attend the launch. I honestly cannot believe I still haven't been able to make it to a ''blogger event''. I do, very much, hate that feeling of missing out but have come to accept it almost. 

Anyway! The Inglot Sleeks Shimmer Gloss is amazing. Of that there was no doubt. So why on earth was it forgotten about this last while? I had swatched it and deemed it too shimmery for me.

 I don't know what I was thinking. I clearly hadn't my smart head on at all. I brought it out of hibernation a few days ago and I've worn it as part of my FOTD since then. It allows a somewhat flat lip colour to lift spectacularly. And you control how much shimmer to go for. I like a light hint personally, which is great because it means this little tube will go a long way.

The top part of this picture is simple lipstick. The bottom shows the Inglot Sleeks, no 48. I dabbed a little in the middle of my bottom lip and with my little finger (so technical I know!)  I dabbed it out through the rest of the bottom lip...

 Top lip matte lip colour
Bottom lip Inglot Sleeks, 48 on top of colour

 Then I just did a ''MWAH'' and had enough on top and bottom for my FOTD look...

It really does lift any lip colour and I will be using it a hell of a lot more than I had been in recent months. 
You can find Inglot in Victoria Square, Belfast here in NI and a few stores dotted throughout Dublin (ie, Blanchardstown, Dundrum and Jervis Centre)  I'd thoroughly advise checking them out, their makeup is like no other. And I have it under good authority they take your make up very seriously indeed and offer fantastic customer service. Maybe one day I'll be able to experience it for myself, who knows, stranger things have happened!!



  1. I know this is about the lips but those eye flicks are perfect!

  2. Thanks, it's just NYC's felt tip liner, it's so easy to use admittedly!

  3. Oooh it's so pretty! I went to Inglot for the first time yesterday and saw so many things I loved. I bought a five eyeshadow palette and can't wait to blog about it.

    1. Aren't their products fab!? I only have this and 5 wee eyeshadows but I love them and they get great use. Especially the black matte shadow, great for blending lines. Look forward to reading it Jayne.

  4. I've passed their stand a million times in Dundrum (Dublin) but have never stopped to look. Perhaps I should! I like the look of that shimmer :)

    1. You must you must you must and please take pictures for me lol x

  5. Such a beautiful shade! Your eye make up looks so pretty too!!

    I found you on bbloggers by the way! Love your blog, following you!

    1. Thanks Anna! Post coming up on the eyeshadow very soon! xx

  6. I LOVE Inglot! I discovered them on holiday in NYC, and it was like make up heaven for me. I'm obsessed with colourful eye make up and they have a huuuuge selection to choose from + hundreds of nail colours- and friendly staff. I'm a complete convert. I've never seen this lip shimmer before, but it looks great how you've used it. Almost looks like it could work as a highlighter, too. Will definitely be looking out for it to try.

    I'd definitely recommend a visit if you ever get the opportunity, but at least for those of us who can't just pop in store they have a good website, too.

    1. Oh Louise I like your thinking re the highlighter!! And have to admit to spending quite some time online on their site recently :S lol


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