A Dream Cream

Bad blogger that I am I have neglected - for over a year - to try a cream I won in a Giveaway. For over a year this little tub has sat forlornly on my dresser and bar the occasional necklace or earrings I dropped carelessly onto the lid it received no attention.

Until last week. 

Since my teens I've had Raynaud's, a circulatory problem and in the current climate of an NI Winter it takes it's toll on my feet particularly. Needless to say it leaves my feet in pretty horrendous condition and no amount of prescribed creams have worked thus far. 

(don't worry I can't bring myself to picture my feet for you - ugh!) 

So, last week, my feet felt like they were on fire with itch, the skin was in horrible condition at my toes and heel and I had nothing in the house that I could think of. Until I spotted the Dream Cream.

Let me tell you, they don't call it Dream Cream for nothing. This cream is the stuff of skincare dreams. I reached for it because it was the only thing I could think of that would possibly cool my feet for a while. The results have since exceeded those expectations. Spectacularly.

After peeking into the tub I decided to go ahead and lather it on, it looked cool and inviting.

It's a lovely consistency, not too clay like but not too runny. You don't need to use too much either as it distributes really nicely over the skin. I love having a bit left on my hands to rub together. 

So, here's the kicker folks. Yes, it definitely helped cool and ease the fire itch on my feet. Not only that, the next morning my feet were smooth. Hardly anything of the agitated looking skin flare up left. I couldn't believe it. I don't think I've ever tried a product that works so instantaneously. The natural way is clearly the way forward in this instance. 

Since trying this cream last week I've done my research. 

Lush use Oat Milk in the making of this cream, which they make themselves. Oats have been widely used as aides to cool hot skin and some skin conditions such as eczema. If that weren't enough upon checking www.lush.co.uk  I've also found this Dream Cream is their number 1 selling product.

I'm really not surprised.

2013 - the year I discovered my Dream Cream

Special thanks to www.cherrysuedointhedo.com for it was herself's giveaway I won it in!

I'd thoroughly recommend trying this if you're like me and have Raynaud's or another similar condition.



  1. Ooh this sounds amazing. Do you think it would do any wonders for stretch marks on the belly? It sounds like a type of cream that could be good, I may research this more. Greta post! :)

  2. Can't say I've tried it for that but it's amazing at just about everything else so I'd say it's worth a go!

  3. Hey lovely, I'm always reccomending dreamcream at work for people with sensertive skin. I use dream wash as wellwhich is also lovely xx

    1. Might have to keep a look out for Dream Wash! Forgot your worked there! x

  4. I like Dream Cream; it works so well, but the scent is a little hit and miss with me. I'd recommend Lush's Fair Trade Foot Lotion as well- it smells of peppermint and makes feet super soft and revived. :)

    1. That's it's only downfall for me too I would have loved a fragrance.

  5. Is it sad that remember you winning this?!! Sounds fab! I'm using l'occitane foot cream at the mo. It's good but obviously I bought it before they lost their 'not tested on animals' cert ....


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