Why I won't be making any New Years Resolutions

88% of New Years Resolutions will fail. 

And it starts. 

 The barrage of ”get a new you this year by joining *insert gym / slimming club here” but let me just say this to you……. If you join up something like a gym or slimming club as part of a New Years Resolution you are more than likely going to fail in your quest for a ”better” you. 88% no less of Resolutions FAIL. PS I am sick to the back teeth of companies, yes COMPANIES who make money off of you, telling me, nay, screaming at me excitedly that THEY in fact hold the secret to my weight loss, and the secret to a ”better” me. 


Losing weight is a very serious life change and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Guys do me a favour, tell your lovely partners how much you love them JUST AS THEY ARE today because goodness knows enough companies are telling them they need to improve their appearance. By slimming. 

 I didn’t start my slimming journey at New Year. I didn’t start slimming as some kind of quest for a ”better me”. So far? I’ve lost 11 stone. I’ve slimmed from a sz 28 to a sz 12/14. And I did it all without seeing an ad telling me to do it. I did it in the middle of the year when something clicked in my head. 

   Make yourself a success story this year. Forget whatever it is companies are trying  to sell you, make the decision yourself. Don’t be guilted into something you’re not ready for. It’s a long hard struggle of a journey.

 Be prepared. 



  1. Inspiring and very true - well done to you!
    I'm still in love with those extensions!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2013


  2. I agree, even though I love making resolutions! Why wait for a new year to make changes? If you really want to do something or give something up, you do it there and then.

  3. So true - Love it!
    I make the same New Years resolution every January to get fit/thin and usually fail by mid Feb!
    You look amazing
    Ruth x Room31

  4. Love this post, new years resolutions are usually useless!
    I received a Slimming World leaflet on boxing day, boxing day for gods sake!! xx

  5. Inspiring - if you really want to make the change it can not come from an external source the decision must be yours.

    You've done so well on your journey, I will be making changes in 2013 but not gonna call them resolutions cause I would like them not to fail!!

  6. Sera , I have heard a lot about you from my daughter Sarah (White), you are an inspiration to everyone who wants to change their lives whether it is by losing weight or not. You look truly amazing, well done you, have a grfeat 2013!

  7. It happened to me as well. Three years ago (or is it already 4, don't know :D
    Fcuk new year's resolutions, if you want to make changes, you can start right away :)
    Inspiring post tho. Happy new year!
    X Deja

  8. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, looks like we've all got our heads screwed on right for 2013 - sure that's half the battle ;) xx

  9. A very inspirational post :)



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