The Fame Game never smelled so damned good

A few weeks ago I recieved the Lady Gaga fragrance that has had social media chatter on high since it's release. Fame, Black Fluid was hailed as the must have scent for 2012. Everywhere I turned, it was not only mentioned but I and others couldn't wait to try it out. 

What was the major pull? What hook could possibly have so many people clambering to try what is effectively *just* another celebrity fragrance...

The innovative formula?  The fact that no notes within the scent top each other? There is no hierarchy. No bottom, middle or top notes. This scent is built around three accords instead.

The fact that it's the first ever black perfume? Truly black in the bottle and invisible when airborne, it's wholly mesmerizing.

The packaging? It is seriously just kick ass packaging. My inner goth was over the moon at the sleek bottle with it's egg like structure.

Or the marketing blurb? ''a perfume with fragrance notes of blood and semen'' ooerrr Ms Gaga!

Even down to the stands in Gordons Chemist (this is my local Ballymoney branch) the presentation is carried out to the T. Marketing at it's best.

Is it too much that I want the drip for home? 

Which one of these would draw you in? Collectively they add up to one smart campaign and before you know it your curiosity is piqued and you're itching to find out what this black magic smells like. 

After receiving the perfume I then received some further products from the range and together they'd make one hell of a Christmas present. I usually ask for a perfume set at Christmas and it's usually Ghost (original) but I'm not asking for one this year as my scent is covered. 

 Lady Gaga, Fame Black Soap, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Perfume

It's an astoundingly sexy looking fragrance. It looks powerful and there is a sensuality in holding it in your hand. I do love a nice perfume bottle though (you should see The Mothership's collection!)

To the important bit. What does it actually smell like and is it worth it's pricetag. That's the big question really isn't it? For me, perfume is a luxury. A scent needs to be more than worth the chunk out of my budget to buy it. Let me leave you in no doubt that I will be repurchasing this and am seriously considering it as my signature scent. This fragrance smells expensive, sensual, flirty and powerful. It is rounder than any celebrity fragrance I've tried. And I'm going to stop using the phrase celebrity fragrance now because, to be honest? This doesn't deserve to be included in that group. This perfume is in a league of it's own. 

Built around 3 accords the darkest is inspired by Belladonna, from that we then are introduced to a lighter accord of honey, saffron and apricot nectar moving into the lightest of the accords, the flower field accord with notes of Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac. 

Fruity, floral, dark, rooted in luxury. 

 The most magnificent thing about this range is the lotions etc actually smell like the fragrance. Sometimes I find this differs in a gift set with the body lotion not leaving as much of a scent as I'd like. Today I used the soap and shower gel in the shower, then rubbed on some body lotion and finally a spritz of the perfume. I can still smell it settled nicely into my skin.

And do beware, it is black. The shower gel is black and it lathers as a normal gel would. The body lotion is black but rubs in clear. The soap is black but lathers normally. 

I can't decide what to tell you is the winning factor with this fragrance set. I'm *that* taken with it.
It really does blow 2012 perfumes right out of the water for me personally. Lee loves it and it suits my skin, it settles as if it were a perfume meant for me. 

If you're itching to try it, if you want to purchase it for a lucky person's christmas gift or if you want to nab it for yourself you can find the range at any good chemists, such as Gordons Chemist, Boots, Superdrug or The Perfume Shop

Really want that display drip!!!!

It's worth mentioning that Gordons Chemist have a fantastic range of perfume / perfume sets in at the moment (depending on the size of store) with some extremely competitive pricing. 

It's on the list for my Birthday next year already. I'm not even kidding. This is it. My fragrance find of 2012. 




  1. I really liked this when I sprayed it, might get it for xmas x

    1. I was dubious initially but it settles beautifully for me. It'd be a great christmas pressie to get! xx

  2. I've smelt this, but wasn't wowed. I do however love the bottle xo

    1. What a shame! I wasn't initially though when it settled it was love I think and the bottle IS pretty damned kick ass ;) xx

  3. I got a sample of this in an online superdrug order and really like it too! I might link to this post if I mention it on my blog if thats ok with you xx

    1. Oh that's handy! And that'd be lovely thanks! xx

  4. this look amazing!! really wanna try it out!! x

  5. I have had a few samples of this and totally love it. i went to selfridges and asked to see the tester and the woman looked at me like I had asked her to smear me with dog excrement!! She said "we don't do celebrity perfumes here" (what an arse)

    1. UGH! So called Celebrity Perfumes are getting better and better in my opinion. What an arse indeed!

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  7. I really wished I love this but I thought it was cheep smelling and gross :( i was disappointed by Mother Monster! :(

    1. I remember you tweeting, suppose perfume is so personal. I think it smells expensive and round and absolutely adore it. It's now my go to.


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