Nails round up

I thought I'd bring you a round up of what's been on my nails lately.

Some of my favourite staple polishes included here and they're all very budget friendly, just in case you fancy some for yourself!

The Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails topcoat has been a saviour for my nails lately. I'm always incredibly sceptic when it comes to ''nail treatments'' as usually my nails go ahead and break or snap despite using according to instructions. However, this little saviour? Amazing. I actually had to cut and file my nails this week and it's the first I ever remember having to do that! I promise you that is no exaggeration.

Yes! Onto the nails!

I'm really enjoying wearing the Essie Navigate Her it's a lovely light green. I was going for a festive feel here though I feel it's a little too light for that unfortunately.

Next up was full on gothic sparkle. 

NYC Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat

Now these were my favourite combination lately. I'm seriously loving the NYC Rock Muse topcoat it's like a clear winters night on your nails. 

The wear on this was great. A good 4 days before I changed my mind and repainted.

What's been on your nails this week?



  1. Love your colour choices.

    I had Nails Inc Motcomb St earlier in the week which was one of the Glamour magazine freebies. I thought it was black so I got a surprise when it was actually navy. A nice surprise though.

    I've currently got Green Morph from Avon Color Trends on and the difference in quality of product between this and the Nails Inc is very noticeable. I'm a definite Nails Inc lover :-)

    1. Nails Inc won me over with their freebies, not sure I would pay full whack though admittedly

  2. i love the green and gold and the sparkles, very cute

    Not sure if you follow my blog but i'm just going through my old blog roll to tell people i've had to start a new blog as i'd run out of photo hosting space and didn't want to use an external host

    my new blog is http://sheiselec.blogspot.co.uk/

    cheers steph @sheselec xxx

  3. Love the green and gold combo. I really want Essie polishes x

  4. I swear by Sally H I use it as a base and top coat and it helped my nails go from really weak brittle things to pretty strong and smooth. I don't go a day without this on xx

    1. Snap now. Really didn't go in for it but glad to be proved wrong! xx

  5. Oh I love both nail looks. The combination of green and gold really works. Shall have to try that. The Essie polish is so pretty. I'm in love with the black glittery nails. I'm going through a phase of applying a glittery topcoat over everything right now. Not sure why!

  6. The black glitter combo is gorgeous. I'm a French Manicure gal, and get the 3 week manicure done. I occasionally get psoriasis on my hands, so try to keep the nails looking good to distract from the skin!


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