Loving Liv

It was an absolute pleasure to see Liv pop up on twitter recently. Boasting organic fashion aimed at sustainable living, ethical and fairly traded cotton and comfort, I couldn't not have a look!

With beautifully named collections such as Fallen Leaves and Winter Shadows it's very easy to tell a lot of thought and work goes into their products.

I was lucky to receive a little package from Liv recently and let me tell you, it all sounds good when you read it but nothing can prepare you for the sheer softness of the garments nor how cosy they are. Easy to wear and luxurious feeling I honestly wish I could order more - Christmas be damned ;) oh! There's a thought! Want to gift someone luxurious casual wear? This is your place. 

Made even more an experience in the loving way the items are wrapped. Who's not a sucker for great packaging?

With the parcel I recieved a little booklet letting me know all about Liv and instructions on how to care for the garment they'd sent out. 

I will probably say this again, you have no idea how soft this material is. And it's made even more appealing by the fact it is fairly traded. Ethical casual living at it's most luxurious.

 I couldn't wait to try it on so here are some OOTD pictures featuring Liv's Grafton Tabard.

One piece of advice here, do not order a size up. It's an easy mistake to make regarding opting for ''cosy'' but well made garments don't need it. Liv's garments are clearly made to fit the size they state. 

This Grafton Tabard boasts a slash ribbed neckline, revealing a sensual amount of neck and shoulder and ties lightly with a string around the waist. Lovely long sleeves finish off that feeling of casual lux.

Just whilst we're totally off the topic, anyone else finding it difficult taking pictures in winter?

Liv aren't the first ethical living wear I've tried but they are hands down the top of their game. 

With lots of gift bundles and fantastic wrapping skills Liv have a great range of Christmas Gifts for Mums, Grandma's, Sisters and friends so do wander over and have a nosy:

The top has been out and about already! Obviously I don't mean the garden pictures above. We took our monthly trip into Ground in Ballymoney for some Suki Tea - you truly can't beat it.

 I've still got my flyford wrist warmers to wear out and about, I've already had them on in the house. What? It's freezing folks! You'll be wishing you'd a pair of these soon trust me!

Thanks Liv I absolutely adore your products! Did I mention how soft they are? Bliss!



  1. Love that top, it's very versatile. Could be dressed up or down. Great for winter :)

    1. I'm after a black maxi skirt to dress it up. I'm not a big jeans wearer but it'd be great with a pair of skinnies!

  2. Looking good Sera…and yes, I'm struggling with photos atm. Taking a lot at the weekends! Liv sounds like a fab brand - off for a look now! Avril x

    1. It's hard going with the light going so quickly :( Liv are fantastic Avril I'm really very impressed by their ethics and their clothing! Would love to know what you make of them xx

  3. Oooh, another new brand to look at :) The packaging alone has me won over. I just love beautiful packaging!

  4. That top is so stunning, it's casual but there's a little edge to it - absolutely love, LOVE it. You look fantastic too Mrs xx

    1. It's great and versatile and thank you muchly :D x

  5. Oh wow I love that and the wrist warmers look great too. Off for a look!

    Nic x

  6. I've not heard of them but those wrist warmers are looking good to me. I think my hubs has taken over mine which he wore the other day in the office. Said it saved him from putting on the heating. Tight.


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