Skate Shoes, The Ultimate Comfort

It's fair to say The Mr, my husband, is a creature of habit and no more so than when we're talking about his style. Jeans and a t shirt plus a pair of skate shoes. Actually, he makes me feel horrendously guilty about my shoe purchases because where I might get a few new pairs of shoes in a year, he normally purchases one pair every few years.

Being a creature of habit, you can be guaranteed that those shoes will either be Vans or Converse, usually. Old school skate shoes, relatively plain and lace up. Always lace ups.

Until now!

In a surprising turn of events, The Mr, though sticking with the store he knows best, renowned skate store, SS20, went for a new brand AND a new style of shoe. An on trend style of shoe. You could have knocked me over with a feather!

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Gonz Slip Shoes by Adidas c/o SS20

When I asked him for his thoughts on the Gonz Slip Shoes, which he has been wearing pretty constantly since they arrived here, he gave forth his thoughts as only he could... and I quote:

"They really appeal to the lazy side of me, I don't have to worry about messing around with laces. I'm a slip on convert, to the point I'm already looking for another pair of slip ons"

He is a man of few words! I have noticed their consistent wear though and they have already become his go-to so they must be pretty comfortable.

Currently included in the SS20 sale priced at £28.20!

Are you a skate-shoe fan? What about slip ons? I'm kind of lusting for a pair of my own!

S x



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