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You know when a business venture is supported by Sir Alan Sugar then there's definitely something to investigate. I'm pretty certain he wouldn't put his name to just anything. Yet it did surprise me to read of his involvement in the brand I'm featuring today. It's a skincare brand. I suddenly have images of Sir Alan pampering himself at the end of a long day.

Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care is the brainchild of Apprentice 2011 contestant, Susan Ma and is billed as natural, vegan and cruelty free. Offering products such as eye refresher, facial elixers, cleansers and oils it's clear to any potential customer that this line of skincare has been carefully formulated and the growth of Tropic itself is obviously a passion of Susan's as is providing an excellent product (each and every time) on top of first class customer service. 

I found all of this out very quickly by reading through the Discover Tropic tab on their site 

The site itself is clean, clear and concise and I came away thinking that the people behind this brand are excited and passionate about what they are able to provide. That instantly rubs off. 

The second hook? The packaging. I know we shy away from admitting to this slightly shallow side of ourselves but if I'm completely honest packaging is a big clincher in a sale for me. If I'm spending money on something luxurious such as an elixer or cleanser etc I like to feel as though I'm buying something of substance, something a little out of the ordinary, just for me.

On that note!

I very excitedly offered to try some out (the hardship I know!) and my weapon of choice was something a tad different...

Organic Luxury Oil - Frangipani

This, to me, sounded like an all round smart product. An all in one. This oil is enriched with Organic Rosehip, Golden Jojoba and Organic Coconut Oils and serves many purposes. You can use it on your skin (both in a self pampering session or when getting someone else *ahem* to pamper you instead!), you can use it for your hair and on your nails. I have used it in all 3 ways. For thorough investigative purposes of course! It's unlike any oil I've ever used before in that it comes in a solid form and to use this oil you pop the bottle in warm water. It's an extremely silky feeling oil and it absorbs very well. I wasn't left feeling greasy and I didn't have to wipe excess off. All meaning you don't have to use a whole lot so I envision this bottle will last a good while.  It's a stunning little oil, packed full of really lovely ingredients and carries a beautiful delicate floral scent due to the blend of the natural fragrances of Frangipani and Magnolia. 

 I don't know what I was expecting with this product but it did surprise me.  Great packaging, nifty concept, fantastic philosophy. In this day and age when we're becoming more and more interested and concerned about what we're subjecting our skin to it's great to see companies such as Tropic feeling as strongly about it as we do ourselves.

If you'd like more information on Tropic you can follow any of the following social media roads

What do you think? Does Tropic appeal to you? The product line that is, not The Tropics (though wouldn't more sun be lovely!)




  1. This sounds great! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I have afro hair so I'm going to try this and see if it will work in taming my fizz. Thanks for sharing x
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  3. I haven't tried this but it seems very similar to the Elemis frangipani oil which is one of my favourites so I reckon I'd like this too.
    I really like the Tropic cleanser, toner and facial oil too :)

    1. I imagine the cleanser, toner and facial oil would be fab after trying this. Really impressed so far! xx


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