Monochrome with a splash of red

When the lovely Lisa from www.topazandmay.com gave me a shout and asked if I'd do another any size post I couldn't say no. Especially when I heard she would be covering Monochrome. Unsure whether or not I had any pieces that would work in my closet I remembered a day or two later that my husband, ever ahead of the trends, gifted me this stripy polo top from Boohoo at Christmas this year. 

I teamed the top with a polka dot dress (worn underneath the top) because I like the mixed pattern effect. When I was running this outfit past himself he wasn't sold but rest assured when he saw it on he quickly came around to my way of thinking. I like it. It's a little quirk on the Monochrome Trend and since we're all going to be seeing a lot of the same thing in stores for SS13 I'd suggest making a trend work for you. Style as opposed to fashion for me. 

So here we are! My take on Monochrome (ish)

Hat, River Island // Polo Neck Top, Boohoo // Polka Dot Dress, thrifted from The Mothership //
Shoes, Funtasma // Black bow belt, Clothing at Tesco

These photos were taken last Saturday when I was headed out on a scheduled outing. It was cold so I felt it appropriate to not only add a coat, but a splash of my favourite colour.

Red Coat, Next

And I couldn't leave without showing these beauties off again, my Queen of Hearts shoes the hubby gave me 2 Christmases ago. He knows me ever so well! And there's 2 hints of Monochrome - ain't he clever!

Huge thanks to Lisa for having me as part of her Any Size challenge this week! Please do head on over to www.topazandmay.com to see how the other ladies taking part do Monochrome, I can't wait to see how they do it! For me, I just can't leave Vintage and Retro styling alone!




  1. Aww I love this whole outfit. I'm always a little wary of monochrome because of working so many bar jobs in the past and being worried I look like waiting on staff in black and white attire. The stripes and spots with the red coat however, are fab and the shoes are just amazing :)

  2. I just found your blog through topaz and may post love this look! Monochrome is my favourite trend to wear :) xo

  3. I LOVE this take on monochrome, it suits you so well. I especially like the clashing print of stripes and dots, and the splashes of red =) very lovely xx

  4. Great outfit. Love the coat and the shoes are amazing!. I have a red coat I adore! X

  5. You really suit the stripes Sera...and those shoes...stunning! Ax

  6. you look fabulous as always - those shoes are incredible!

  7. Omg where did you get the shoes? I love them in fact I may need them, well not yours obviously but my own pair.

    I really like your outfit too.



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