You just need some extra time in your... kiss

What if I told you there was a fantastic range of lipsticks that cost just £1.99 each? What if I then went on to tell you that not only are these lipsticks very budget friendly they're also lovely to wear, they don't dry your lips out and they have pretty good staying power... Would you believe me?


I've had the chance to try such a range out and I have to admit for £1.99 the quality of the colours themselves is pretty brilliant. Now, admittedly, NYC have been on my radar for years. A personal favourite brand that I feel doesn't get the recognition for brilliant products it deserves. To me it just so happens that they're budget friendly. It certainly makes them more attainable but they're not, in my opinion, to be brushed off as just a budget beauty brand for I can think of other higher end brands that don't reach this standard. 

Today we have NYC Expert Last Lip Colour

A range of shades to choose from, you could really have a lip colour for every mood or outfit choice. 

 This is just a snippet of what's out there and if these pretty colours are anything to go by I'll be picking up the rest of the range myself!

I've already been wearing them on the odd occasion I've been ''put together'' recently and they're fab. No fuss, slap it on, looks great lipstick. I'm happy I now have some pinks and nudes in my lipstick drawer as those are seriously lacking and really, a girl can never ever have too many red lipsticks to choose from. 

As always, I'm impressed by NYC and their ability to provide good products at a reasonable price. 

The NYC Expert Last Lip Colour Range is available on www.superdrug.com priced at just £1.99 or indeed, 2 for £2.99. Happy Days? Oh yes.



  1. Those 3 red shades look lovely, esp Air Kiss!

    Nic x

  2. They're beaut! Red Rapture is my favourite (of course....) I'm nothing if not predictable ;) x

  3. I think it would be a yes to the whole line, espically for the price thereis very little reason not to x


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