Today was a special day in this household. Not because it was Valentines Day, no, it was my husband's Birthday. We had decided we weren't ''doing'' Valentines Day this year so I was delighted to be asked to take part in the M&S Valentines Challenge (as seen in this post). It meant even though I wasn't going to be getting a present from Lee I at least had a surprise dress on the way.

The surprise wasn't that I was getting a dress, I knew that part. What I didn't know is who had chosen the dress and also what dress they had chosen for me. 

I now know it was Hanna from www.thewardrobechallenge.co.uk and she picked me out a dress with such thought in mind <3

The dress Hanna picked isn't something I'd usually pick for myself but I have to say it's a style I'd consider in the future. Boasting floral lace, fit and flare shape and short sleeves it is a dress I would probably, left to my own devices, scroll right past. I'm delighted to be able to hang it up in my wardrobe tonight knowing I'll get to wear it again. 

Instead of me rambling on about all the little details of the day, here they are in picture form including the Marks & Spencer Floral Lace Skater Dress from my Valentines Challenge, my perfect Red Shoes and obligatory photos of The Birthday Cake.


The finishing touch was without doubt, always going to be, The Red Shoes (psssst! They're from www.everything5pounds.com)

And onwards to the celebrations. Back in the house The Birthday Cake was waiting...

The Cure Birthday Cake was from Sparkles Cakes of Art and I've won all the best wife awards today. Almost seemed a shame to cut into it.... almost....

The Cure Chocolate Fudge Cake

I like to think Robert Smith would approve, Lee certainly did. 

And bless, he didn't leave me out. I still got a beautiful card. I'll say one thing for the guy, he's a great card picker.

Hope you're all having a lovely day, whatever you're celebrating and even if you're not celebrating anything at all. 




  1. Sounds like you had a fab day,love the dress and shoes, perfect for Valentines! Save me a slice of cake, it looks divine x

  2. this dress looks beautiful on you, love your hair too x

  3. What a cake! And Sera... WOW. You're looking more and more svelt each time I see a pic of you! I'm loving watching your metamorphosis, and your confidence growing with each outfit x

  4. That frock looks lovely on you, so ladylike and pretty. Also, what a divine cake, a great day all round. X

  5. Beautiful outfit! I really love the dark tights with the bright dress. Wish I was brave enough to get out of dark clothes, feel uncomfortable in bright colours :(

    P.s that cake is amazing! Really is a work of art!

  6. You always look so amazing!!!

  7. OMG that CAKE! amazing, and again you look fabulous, love the shoes.



  8. Hanna is pretty awesome - I think she's got some great style and this is a great example of it!

  9. You ALL get cake ;) virtual maybe but it's the thought that counts! x

  10. You look gorgeous!!! LOVE the shoes, I want them toooo!!

  11. The dress and shoes are absolutely beautiful, I love your style it's awesome! That cake looks pretty yummy too haha :)


  12. Thanks everyone, it was a lovely day! Wish I could wear red shoes like that ALL the time!


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