How to style a sleek bob

I've had my hair in a bob style haircut a while now. It was cut with a slight gradient. Though I've decided to grow it out I still maintain it in the style it was cut. I simply do not suit messy hair. I wish I could just blowdry, spritz and leave but alas this is not the case.

My hair has a slight kink to it. Not one of those kinks you long for, that can transform into salty beach hair in an instant, no, my hair takes on that ''dragged through a hedge backwards'' type look. Having not perfected a curl in it yet I opt for the sleek (hopefully chic) straight bob and I thought I'd tell you just how I do it.

Before styling

The first product I'm going to mention is the Osis Flatliner Iron Serum Spray

Having never gotten on with their powder based products I was wary. Plus the fact that this is a serum wouldn't usually grab me. It was the nozzle that spoke to me...

Any serum I've used before (and subsequently disliked) you had to dispense a drop onto your hand and smooth it through your hair. I really don't like this method at all. They always left my hands feeling far to greasy and oily. And if that's how my hands felt, well, as  you can imagine they didn't fare much better on my hair. The Osis Serum Spray is so easy to use, you just spritz it over your hair. You don't need a huge amount of it. I only use 4 sprays in total. One spritz on the hair either side of my face, one on top in my fringe direction and one spritz at the back. If you like a good sleek and shiny style then you'll like this product.

The next tip is invest in a good hairdryer. I was the first one to rubbish anyone opting to buy a well known brands hairdryer when it came out last year due to the fact it cost a pretty penny. Well, after being sent my own Pro Italian Dryer I can be found hanging my head in shame. I've had a mini hairdryer with just the one scald-my-scalp setting for years now and I often wondered why, even though I had invested in a good round bush AND a paddle brush, why my hair still looked so frizzy and wild after drying. How could I have been so naive! 

This Ti Creative Dryer has effectively blown my mind. 

I have only ever used a hot setting on a hairdryer, it's all mine have ever had so I was overjoyed at seeing this hairdryer had 2 different settings on hot and also 2 different settings on COLD.

It also came with 3 different sized attachments.

If you can see here, the nozzles are slightly angled with the top piece jutting out slightly more than the bottom. This is perfect for achieving sleekness and straightness with your hairstyle.

And finally, my straighteners. Nicky Clarke Red ones that I was gifted for my birthday this year. 

They do their job. I would like to try GHD's someday but I'm starting to believe that day will never come so it's good old Nicky for now. 

Bar a standard round brush, this is what I use to style my hair.

First I spritz the Osis Flatliner onto my locks then I blowdry without an attachment. As much as I can do. I use the cold setting for this section of styling.

This picture is for a reason. I have physical limitations. One of those is that I can't lift anything with much weight. Always rendering hairdryers this complex nigh on impossible for me to use. Well! This bad boy is delightful! There's hardly any weight to it at all! That is a huge USP for me personally. 

When generally drying your hair sometimes people will tell you to tilt your head upside down and blowdry that way but seldom will it add the kind of volume you're looking for. And it certainly won't hold the volume during the course of a day so I wouldn't bother personally. Plus if you're opting for a sleek bob 'do, the flatter the better. I always advise, if possible, to avoid straightening your roots as that's where your new hair has to grow. 

Anyway! You have dried your hair as much as possible at this stage. Simply then attach your attachment of choice (I chose the largest one) and switch your hairdryer to a hot setting for the next stage of styling. Using the brush simply brush through your hair whilst holding the attachment near to the brush wires.

After Blowdrying

 For every day wear this would do me grand but because I was after something a little more sleek today I then used my straighteners.

After Straightening

 Shiny and Sleek. And all relatively easy. 

The best thing?

I still have movement. I often find with serums that hair can become quite stuck on the head so I'm very glad to have found a heat protection serum that allows my hair as much movement as this after use. Big thumbs up. 

Hope you found that useful! Do you find a good hairdryer makes all the difference?



  1. This hair drier sounds ace, I can't lift/ hold anything heavy either so this might be perfect x

    1. I can't get over how light weight it is Trona!

  2. Wow I love how the finished look is styled :) The hair dryer sounds fab and I love that it comes with 2 settings on cold, such a rarity lol.

    Charmed Charlee

  3. I am indulging in that spray serum, your hair looks amazing!

    Charlotte -blotandreapply.blogspot.com xx

    1. I have to say it's a fab wee product Charlotte! x

  4. Giving sleek a whole new meaning Sera, you have beautiful hair :-) xx

  5. Your hair looks so shiny!!! Is it usually shiny or do you thin it's the product?



    1. I think the Osis serum definitely enhances it xx

  6. Come and do mine now please and thank you.

  7. I am so lazy with my hair I would never have the patience for this - I admire your dedication! I am a wash n go type of gal. Your hair looks awesome though so I see why you persevere!

    1. LOL it takes a lot less time than you think it does, 15 mins usually does it all x

  8. I do not know how you do it, cause I just don't seem to get it like this when I used to have a fringe and bob :) so I gave up entirely haha.



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