Freesia Freeze, a great Spring Eyeshadow

I took a leap into the great unknown today and tried my first blue-ish eyeshadow!

For years I've had a preconception of the blue eyeshadow. I think it's fair to say a lot of us do. It can be tacky and rush you with thoughts of over blue shadowed eyes and bright red lipstick. The thing is some people can really get away with that kind of look. I can't. I really can't. I'd end up looking like a clown. I do most days to be fair but I do actively try and calm the clown in me down.

Tangents. Sorry!

The beautiful blue I decided I'd take the plunge with was 

It's a very creamy feel eyeshadow. Though don't misinterpret what I'm saying here, it's definitely powder and it applies as such but it's a creamy powder. Living up to it's name of Sheer Satin. The colour itself is based in blue though has a slight lilac base feel to it for me. 

It's a stunning colour and a great eyeshadow. The shadow is a great layering product to have, blending is exceptionally easy and colour build is easily achievable from a light touch of blue to full on blue drama. It all depends on your bravery level.

All in all I'm excited to try more Daniel Sandler products as this eyeshadow has impressed me though I'm not quite sure if I'm brave enough to wear it out yet...

What are your thoughts on the great blue debate? For blue eyeshadow or against?



  1. I love it, I dont know if I could pull off a blue eyeshadow though

  2. I really like it as it has a lovely lilac shade to it too. Think it makes your eyes look really blue. Doubt I could pull it off as I have hazel eyes and a cold skin tone though! :/ x

  3. It looks gorgeous on you!!! Where did you get it?

    1. If you click through on the link it'll take you to Hairtrade where I got it xx

  4. Love it with your hair colour!

  5. I used to wear a lot of blues back in my teenage years *cough, old lady, cough* but tend to stick to neutrals these days. Having said that, that is a really beautiful shade of blue and looks lovely on you so I may have to reinvestigate some blues myself! :)

  6. This colour looks amazing on! I've also never been sure about wearing blue eye shadow, especially as my eyes are quite a pale blue, but this looks gorgeous and works really well with your hair.
    Jodie xx | futurefreaksme.blogspot.com

  7. Really love this colour on you. I find blue eyeshadow can be tricky, but I love how this one has quite a lot of violet in it. I think it's all about finding the right shade for your complexion, and being cautious around that 'seventies' blue that can just end up looking cheap and tacky!


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