DIY Gold leaf topcoat

I follow a fantastic nail blog written by the ever lovely Sharon

The other day Sharon posted a DIY Gold leaf topcoat tutorial and I was absolutely itching to give it a go. Curiosity got the better of me last night and off I went.

What you will need.

Gold leaf (I got the set I have off ebay for next to nothing)
Base polish (I chose NYC Full Metal Jacket)
Clear Polish (I chose NYC Classy Glassy)
Top Coat (I use Sally Hansen)
Nail Scissors
Piece of Card

Settle in for a good half hour in order to cut the gold sheet up into teeny tiny bits. My advice is do it onto a bit of card so it's easy to funnel into the clear polish.

Pop it into the clear polish and give it a good shake.

And here's the result.

 On second thoughts putting gold leaf on top of a gold base coat wasn't one of my smartest ideas but nothing ventured nothing gained and all that.

The verdict?

Just buy a gold leaf top coat guys. This took me well over an hour to do last night and it was a massive pain in the derriere. I could have done with cutting the ''flakes'' a lot smaller but it was already getting late and I just do not have the patience if I'm completely honest. Go for it if you're crafty at heart. I'm just not.....

It looks pretty enough but it's not for me. I removed it after taking the photos last night. Shame on me but it does mean I can tell you this important bit of information.... it is as easy as regular polish in coming off which was a huge relief! 

This morning though? The remaining ''gold'' flakes left in the clear polish had turned green.....

Green flake top coat anyone?

What do you think? Will you be giving the gold flake topcoat trend a go? 
I know it's definitely not for me. 
Onto the next experiment!



  1. Hi Sera!! if you really want a gold leaf topcoat I can highly recommend this one from Rococo! It's a bit pricy, but it lasts for ages and I got great results from it!! xx

  2. I love love love this!!! I already loved it when you twittered it yesterday. I need to buy the gold leaf asap haha I just made a weekend wishlist but now that I think about it I forgot to put it on there. Anyway I will need to look it up online to see where to buy this! Thanks for the tutorial :)


  3. I saw her lovely post she did an excellent job! I know what you mean though i's fiddly to have to do think I'll just buy a nice topcoat:)


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