Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cat Print Jumper

I just popped on really quickly today to show you a recent purchase. 

Remember the Cat Print Jumper from Ever Ours I featured last week in the cat print bonanza?

At just £5.00 I couldn't pass it up. After checking it would fit (being one size :S) I went ahead and treated myself.

It arrived today so I threw it on with a plain maxi skirt and some boots and it's so comfy. Also I feel I should point out that the left paw is awkwardly placed, it looks like one of my boobs but it's not... *tone instantly lowered forever* I've changed now... out of the skirt anyway but I'm still wearing the jumper. With my pyjama bottoms...Don't judge me...

The nice surprise was the back as I hadn't realised it was also part of the print.

It's my new favourite jumper. The sizing is hit and miss. I think if you were under a size 12 - 14 this would work really well, ideally I'd have liked it baggier but I was prepared for it feeling a little snug. It's thankfully not uncomfortably snug but I do love a loose jumper personally.

And sincere apologies. I've posted this blog and the item isn't available anymore but since I'd instagrammed it and talked about it on Twitter I felt it deserved a little show and tell on the blog. Just for it's sheer cute.



  1. That jumper looks really cool :) x

  2. This is my favourite cat jumper I've seen!

  3. Oh wow that jumper is sooo lovely! :) x Laura

  4. Paw boob. WAHHAHAH. I just bought a big jumper that say's Nerd across the front, one with studs on the shoulders and one with a leopard print heart.....I'm getting jumper obssessed......

  5. Honestly? Not oonvinced about the jumper .. but your hair? Your hair is absolutely gorgeous :)

  6. That jumper is so cute and comfy looking! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Gosh I love this sweater is so cute!! I love it!!

  8. i do love this jumper, i need a plus size version x

  9. I bought this after you tweeted a link - thank you!