Oooo Miaow!

I do love a good print, predominantly foxes and sometimes owls or horses. However I don't yet possess any cat print clothing. I simply have no idea why this is the case and it seems everything I look at recently has a cat print incorporated. 

On a bynote, cats are great companions. We used to have two. They were ridiculous. Fell numourous Christmas Trees, scratched our furniture to bits, left hair everywhere but they really did provide hours of endless entertainment when we'd put our minds to thinking about what they were thinking....

Of course they were planning to take over the world....

So, in the grand honour of our feline friends I've gathered some whiskered goodies from the internet.

And I've decided not to show the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats but instead bring you THESE cute socks instead!

Plenty there for the cat lovers amongst you. I have a few serious favourites in there that I'm sticking on a wishlist. 

So, where does cat print rate on your print-o-meter? Above owls? Below foxes?



  1. i love this post Sera!!am as cat crazy as they get :) i love all your choices!x

  2. Love the New Look jumper :) xx

  3. Above everything - I'm wearing my Dotty P cat-print cardigan today :D

  4. I have the top cat dress, the AX PAris one, and I love it, but I'd happily wear any of these!

  5. Well I'm a little bit over owls, don't think I will ever get sick of foxes and am utterly obsessed with horses, but I think cats could quite easily become a new fave of mine! I have 3 at home too, they certainly are comics! x

  6. We're clearly all mad cat women at heart girls lol xx


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