Pearls and a Little Black Dress

Something that had me stumped for quite some time when I started taking an interest in my own style was accessorizing. It was a maze to me. I never even wore a watch if I'm honest. Maybe a necklace or earrings on a special occasion.

I'm still quite restrained on the accessory front. I don't have the collection to be stacking layers but also I don't think it would suit my personality at all. I'm a staple accessory kind of girl. 

Today I have the perfect little accessory for you all. I really absolutely do!

Guaranteed to transform any outfit you put together!

Step 1: Take one Little Black Dress

Step 2: Take one Detachable Pearl Collar
My mother gave me this one but I have found a link for you all should you decide you need one in your life: Detachable Pearl Collar Ebay

Add some light makeup, a slick of red lipstick and whatever shoes you fancy (just for the record I didn't fancy any so I'm in bare feet here - I do not recommend going out in bare feet!)

And voila! 

Pearls and a Little Black Dress

The cute little dress was given to me by a wonderfully beautiful woman by the name of Suzie, I owe her at least a cocktail ;)
Simple can be cute. 

I think every girl should have at least one version of the detachable collar in their wardrobe. Instantly transforming any staples. Party season? Keep it in your bag and pop it on over your basic black top, ready to mix in a flash!

What are your accessory staples?



Bitches be Bitchin

Have we all seen Mean Girls? If you have you'll be aware of the term Frenemy. The term harps right back to that age old saying 
'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'

I've been reminiscing about a year ago, back to when I hadn't even considered blogging in this capacity, about Fashion, Style or beauty products, in fact, I probably would have laughed had someone suggested it at the time.  Then I fast forward a year to the present day and I'm sat staring at my computer, jumping back and forth to different social networking sites contemplating the great meaning in life and all that jazz... I find myself thinking about this blog and how it's already opened so many doors for me whilst steadily being there as the fantastic outlet it started out as. In fact it's helped me grow as a person, without a doubt. The therapy blogging can provide is paramount to none I've experienced to date. For half an hour or so a day it gives me the perfect release from whatever issues I'm facing. It's a precious moment of escapism I have grown to really love and look forward to each day. 

Whereas this is all lovey dovey and airy fairy there is a down side. Since beginning this blogging journey here I have also both experienced and watched the one certain trait that has been played out in books and movies throughout time. 

Girl on girl hate.

I'm pretty sure you'll all know at least one girl who fits the bill. Is nice to a point and then it's cutting, catty and quite frankly rude comebacks to anything you have to say?

How do you deal with them?

I'm a trier. I normally, to an extent, will give the benefit of the doubt but more times than not I get stung. And more times than not I won't regret trying in the first place because it's who I am.

There are always going to be girls disliking other girls, what is truly concerning to me is about how personal we sometimes take these comments or events. Why do we let them affect us!? And there starts the circle of self esteem bottoming out. 

Internet bullying, schoolyard bullying, it's all the same. It shouldn't be happening in our back gardens, our estates, our press, our schools, our blogging communities, our workplaces, social networking sites and I really could go on. The problem is extensive. It is rotting our sisterhood and I for one am fed up, sick and tired of seeing it, of experiencing it and to be honest of reading and watching it. 

Been really catty lately? It's not big and it's not clever. 

I'm done with girl on girl hate.


So why don't you

Whenever I get the chance, whenever everything is in order, whenever I'm finally out of the house doing something simply for fun I always find myself asking the same question. Sometimes I'll ask Lee, sometimes I catch myself saying it aloud.

Today was one of those days I caught myself, sitting in the middle of a green in Portrush, looking out at the sea, asking myself (out loud, bet I looked quite mad) 

''Why don't I do this more?''

It's a completely redundant question. I should know better by now than to even ask myself. But then I remind myself that is a pessimistic view.

By asking the question, I'm acknowledging that I'm out and I'm ok. 

By asking the question, I'm acknowledging there is a problem there.

By asking the question, one day, I might just find an answer.



Scent of a Woman*

Since I was a teenager and discovered how wearing a fragrance can instantly boost oneself I have only ever worn a select handful of perfumes. 

Two of these scents have been my staple fragrances throughout the years. In fact, in regards to one of those scents, I wore it so much friends still associate it with memories of me. And that's what fragrances can do. They can instantly take you back to certain memories. A powerful tug boat back to the shores of whatever you are reminded of.

Perfume, to me, is a luxury. It doesn't really factor in to any budgeting I do for the household, so my only occasions for restocking are Birthdays and Christmases. And I normally ask for the same ones because I know I like them. 

Around this time every year I am getting to the lower half of my bottles and I'm lucky that my birthday falls in September so I normally don't have many weeks with no perfumes.  I had literally been discussing this with family this week and it was mentioned that a gift idea may be one of my two staple fragrances.

Calvin Klein's Obsession

Ahhhhhh Teenage Kicks!
However, as the perfume Fairy Godmother would have it, two more fragrances landed at my door this week and I'm so blown away by them I wanted to share.

I am so impressed with these fragrances! I'm not one who usually ''goes in'' for the Celebrity Fragrance dealio but these are definitely worth your consideration when you're treating yourself.

First up...

Kate Moss Lilabelle

One of those fragrances that instantly fills your senses with prettiness. It's the best word I have to describe it. Floral and musky it lends itself to the girlish side of us as well as the more mature feminine side. Extremely sensual and heady but flirtatious and again, just pretty. I would use this as an evening scent as it's somewhere between light and heavy. Think summer barbeques or hazy evening drinks.

And then we have, the one, the only...

Kylie Minogue Music Box

Admittedly I received a Best Of... CD with this perfume which instantly brightened my day. Packed full of Kylie's greatest hits including Red Blooded Woman and Confide in Me, I was so excited to be popping it in the cd player!
And then the second surprise. The perfume itself. It's sweet, fruity and again a light note of musk to round off the palette. This is certainly a daily perfume. It felt right to pop it on first thing this morning when I got it. The scent has lasted really well throughout the day with only a light top up spritz this evening. Fun and light I believe this would be an easy to wear perfume lending itself to many of us ladies.
And just look at the beautiful bottle it comes in!  I take after my Mum in that respect, I do love a pretty perfume bottle.

Both fantastic new additions to my no longer dwindling perfume supply. I'm really pleased to be wearing both of these scents as they are great pick me ups.

What are your perfume staples? Any Celebrity fragrances amongst your collection?



She was a Skater Girl

Once upon a Time I happened upon the cutest little Red Dress in all the land. It even had a leopard print bow. It was love at first sight.
When I forcefully declared my love of the dress my fairy godmother (in this instance my Mum) magicked it through my letter box.
And then the inevitable tragedy occurred. We were seperated. I casually cast the dress aside to someone else, whispering whilst wrapping it ''we are just not a good fit you and I. Well actually, it's not me, it's you. You do not fit me''. Unbeknownst to me at that time of casting the cute red dress aside our journey of love had been rudely interrupted by the store sending out a dress 2 sizes too small. I weeped. I wailed. I thought it was your fault Cute Red Dress. I thought you were made up wrong. 
However, as luck would have it, I had another fairy godmother waiting in the wings. This fairy godmother (my sister Ruth) ventured out into a store where the exact same Cute Red Dress hung lonely on a hanger, waiting for a love story to come and find it.

And so it came to be.

The love of a Red Head and a Cute Red Dress.

One thing I do have to say... this dress, no matter what size you opt for, is small fitting and it is SHORT! It seemed only fitting to go the whole hog and invest in some Mock Suspender Tights. I'd been wanting some for ages. not sure I'd wear them out in this capacity unless I was clubbing which is highly unlikely but if you wanted some plain black tights with a hidden little secret then invest!

I was lucky and snapped these House of Holland Mock Suspender Tights up when they were on offer with River Island (they're now back at full price) and they are as cool as I'd hoped they would be. As I said though they're not the type of legwear you'd pop on for the weekly Tesco shop...

 I teamed my little Cute Red Dress and tights with a funky manicure

And this was a great excuse to dig out my Funtasma Contessa Shoes

I had such fun in this outfit and I'd definitely wear the ''dress'' again only with leggings.

Thank you Fairy Godmothers :D

The End.

If you'd like a little cute Red Dress too you can pick one up exactly the same from www.chiarafashion.co.uk where you'll find it on sale for £9.95



The Trials and Tribulations of the Alternative Fashion Shopper

Today is a very exciting day for me so please do indulge me a little! Today I am welcoming my very first Guest Blogger to the pages of The Agoraphobic Fashionista.
 And because we always do things a little differently here anyhow my first could only have been one person. 

Without further ado let me introduce to you the guest blogger who popped my cherry! 

I have been given the opportunity to write a post for this fabulous blog, and even though I have a lot to say, I'm going to attempt to keep this tight and have some kind of point.
Now, before we continue, I'd better give you a little information about myself. I am a Twenty something Man who has this strange hobby that involves dressing up as a woman and blogging about it. Think of me purely as a Transvestite Batman, but without fighting crime as my alter ego, I sit behind a computer and geek out to fashion, make up and all things feminine. For me it's purely an expression, escapism and creative force that makes me want to change from looking like a bearded beer drinker resembling Joe Pasquale to a smooth faced Doll resembling Kelly Osbourne.
Ok, so with that out the way I wanted to try and fit in with this blog and discuss fashion related things and being a guy it's a whole different game. Since I have been buying women's clothes it's been complicated and significantly frustrating. I have experienced buying things from Charity Shops, High Street stores and even online. All of which have their pros and cons. Let's Start with the Pro's shall will?

Charity Shops: These shops are usually occupied and run by older ladies who never pay any attention to anything being sold, as they are making money for charity regardless. I'm pretty sure the moment they see a guy sheepishly look through the rack of Skirts, they cotton on and with a glancing smile make you feel at ease. So with a relaxed attitude you can start picking out cheap dresses and skirts knowing that not only are you in an open environment, but you are also putting money towards charity. So Cross-dressing is saving lives somewhere.

High Street: This is the Dream place to shop for clothes that you see in heat! You can walk into these places and copy the styles you admire so much. Want that latest dress Tulisa was wearing on The X Factor? Head on down to New Look and grab one of the 100 on the rack at a reasonable price. As a Transvestite Superhero ( Well I'm helping people in one way or another ) Its the aim to look like the celebrities we all admire. The High Street helps fulfill this.

Online: Shopping online is brilliant for shopping anonymously. You have the ability to trawl through the web and find some cheap, affordable and just plain amazing dresses at the click of a button, without having to leave the bedroom. Online has specialist websites for Men who like the look of a woman, so we know we can find shoes that fit, dresses that are cut in different places and clothes that fit the broad frames of many. Its custom made for all of us. 

Charity Shops: The selection. There is a reason why these clothes have hit the racks. They are usually horrible, unflattering or just plain ugly. Obviously barring the few steals you may find, the majority of the stock is horrendous. I have trawled through some shops and loudly sighed with disgust and walked out disappointed.

High Street: The problem with shopping so openly in the public is the fear of being judged, caught out or simply laughed at. One thing Cross-dressers hate is being laughed at or sussed out before we have even attempted to dress up. The times i have bought something from New Look the sales girl has given me a look, one that says "This won't suit your frame darling". It's the whole blending in, which doesn't work when in a sea of Legs, Blonde hair and sleek frames, a Bearded man with a football top on stands out like a sore thumb.

Online: Having a Box delivered and having to go to the Post Office to collect it, worried that they may have sent it with their Logo on it. There's nothing worse than seeing a Box with "Female Fashion for MEN" written on it. Also getting something online can lead to being disappointed with it and having to send it back. That way its just a waste of time and sending a box to "Tranny,com" can again cause problems.

So if anybody would like to send me some clothes they don't want, please feel free! Do your bit to make a Tranny Wannabe happy.

Now I LOVE doing what I do, I'm not out there to spread the Tranny Lords word, there are better people out there to educate people on the trials and tribulations of Transvestitism and all that glamourous stuff. I am hear to pretty much express my personal views on the subject and how it affects my life.
I Hope you've enjoyed my post.
Can we get a round of applause for Adam folks? It can't be easy. So sticking to the theme of Stamping Out Stigma it was my pleasure to step off my little blog-stage for the day and allow Adam to share his gorgeous alter ego Keeley's story with you.  Thank you for sharing!


Lovebirds and Owls

I have been chatting away with a lovely lady on Twitter this while now, unbeknownst to me (until recently) this lady creates the most stunningly unique and cutest little accessories.

Spearheaded by Suzanne and Keith Livingstone, Baked In Belfast has already received the coveted Theo Paphitis #SBS Twitter accolade. Theo clearly knows when to stand behind a good thing. 

This beloved pottery and preserve store is quirky in all the right amounts. Boasting Gin and Tonic Marmalade amongst it's edibles they also offer bespoke ceramic plates, bowls and ceramic plaques. If you have a request I'm sure Suzanne or Keith will do their best to accommodate you. 

Now I knew Baked In Belfast were renowned for their marmalades and chutneys. What I didn't know is that they also handcrafts brooches, so insanely cute I feel I have to warn you! 

Luckily enough I clicked open a picture attached to a tweet last week and I found myself staring at these little beauties...

When I exclaimed at the overwhelming cuteness of these brooches, Suzanne very kindly offered to gift me my very own. I was beyond excited when the package arrived (very quickly I might add, considering she was making them as she went last week)

Aren't they positively adorable!? I've yet to name them, suggestions are welcome!

I had to get them on my special coat ;)

I think this one in particular, The Lovebird (etsy link) is elegant yet cute at the same time. 

This little Owl is all the fun! 

I absolutely adore these wee brooches so much so I've already packed them back up for safe keeping. They're that special to me already. Carefully crafted and handpainted ceramic brooches that really are that little bit more special because of the person behind them. I hope to look back on these brooches in years to come and have fond memories of wearing them.

Not only do I recommend these brooches from a fashion aspect I recommend getting your custom behind a great local Northern Ireland business.

Please do pop over and have a browse through Baked In Belfast's offerings:

Etsy Store: Baked In Belfast

You're certain to fall in cute with something, whether it's Russian Doll brooches or VW Camper bowls. And if you're in the vicinity of an event where they are hosting a stall this Summer? Say hello for me :D 

I'm honestly away have another wee look at my (still nameless) Lovebird and Owl!



I had planned a night of experimenting tonight. Whilst watching Bridesmaids and eating Cadbury's Chocolate coated popcorn - both well worth investing in.
I'd been wanting to try blossom nail art for a while but honestly didn't really have the confidence in my nail art skills but after the disaster that came before what did I have to lose right?

I used the Nails Inc Bluebell as a base

This is still one of my favourite polishes, by far.

Ok! Forgive me here BUT I wasn't confident I could pull this off so there are no step by step pictures here. I will of course bring you a tutorial at some point but to do that I would invest in some nail art pens. I used the Technic polish set I got from my Twitter Secret Santa and I'm pretty impressed though I think I gave myself a headache concentrating so hard with the little brushes.

Anyway, sorry about rambling! 

I painted a black branch type design on each nail, then a series of pink dots finished off with a centre white dot and voila!

I'd thoroughly recommend giving yourself the chance when it comes to nail art - you may just surprise yourself! I know I'm bursting with little designs to try!

Hope you like them!



The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge is Born

When I shop online with a budget in mind I have a system. I will go to a website, select the sale section and then set my preference to show prices low to high. 

For instance if my budget is £20...
I will scroll through all the items that pop up and as soon as that price tag surpasses £10 and I haven't at least 1 staple item in my basket I simply close the window. It's harsh but it's effective.

Because so many of us are budget savvy shoppers the majority of the time it felt the right time to bring you some inspiration. 

And so kicked off the idea that quickly became a reality!

The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge

4 Bloggers per month (on rotation, we already have many!) will spend £20 in one online accessible store. There they will put together an outfit.

The store featuring in this month's challenge is....

And so it's without further ado I introduce to you the Class of July 2012

From Left to Right

Sera from www.theagoraphobicfashionista.com

These are the links of all the bloggers who took part this month, the deal is you read mine and then head over to theirs! All fabulously different picks I guarantee there will be somthing for everyone.

So as you can see I, of course, took part in this month's TheAFBloggersBudgetChallenge as it was the first and I was debuting my idea :D

Using the system detailed above here is my Matalan £20 Budget Outfit

    I really really like it! And have worn it already aside from these pictures so I'm pretty glad I took part this month!!

Only available in sizes 12, 14 and 16 in the red

These are a little steal! Been wanting something like these for ages!

These are adorable :D

Total Spent: £16.00
plus Delivery: £3.50

Well worth it, as soon as everything arrived and I'd tried it all on I was so pleased with my picks!
I do hope you've enjoyed The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge's debut, I hope there will be many many more and I gently urge you to go and check out my 3 fellow Bloggers taking part this month!


Bloggers: If this sounds like something you'd like to take part in, there are no exclusions so please do get in touch either here, via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Retailers: If you would like to support this challenge in any way or would like to see your store here please do get in touch by heading over to the Contact Me page.


Leather and Studs

You mightn't think it'd be a match made in Fashion Heaven but believe me I'm a convert!

I had the chance to review and feature this unbelievably stunning skirt from Jovonnista a sub label for Jovonna London. I hadn't heard of them before a month or so ago (I must have had my head buried!) Topshop were quick off the mark to stock Jovonna London 
and in doing so showed their fashion savvy side. Una of The Saturdays fame has recently been spotted in their Tasha Net Skirt too so the buzz is only heightening for Jovonna!

For today though I'm here to show you their amazing Celine Skirt. A pleasure to wear making you feel like a Princess crossed with Xena! 

I teamed the skirt with a very plain black velvet body from Ann Summers and just to warn you this skirt is not lined! A little half slip is easy picked up though and it's a small price to pay for such a fashion investment. I'm excited to own this skirt and can imagine if you do opt to buy it for yourself it will honestly brighten any day for you. Certainly brightened mine!

The detailing of the studs on leather is so very very funky yet there is an elegance to the skirt. 

So! Leather and Studs! Doing it for you? They're doing it for me!


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