Pearls and a Little Black Dress

Something that had me stumped for quite some time when I started taking an interest in my own style was accessorizing. It was a maze to me. I never even wore a watch if I'm honest. Maybe a necklace or earrings on a special occasion.

I'm still quite restrained on the accessory front. I don't have the collection to be stacking layers but also I don't think it would suit my personality at all. I'm a staple accessory kind of girl. 

Today I have the perfect little accessory for you all. I really absolutely do!

Guaranteed to transform any outfit you put together!

Step 1: Take one Little Black Dress

Step 2: Take one Detachable Pearl Collar
My mother gave me this one but I have found a link for you all should you decide you need one in your life: Detachable Pearl Collar Ebay

Add some light makeup, a slick of red lipstick and whatever shoes you fancy (just for the record I didn't fancy any so I'm in bare feet here - I do not recommend going out in bare feet!)

And voila! 

Pearls and a Little Black Dress

The cute little dress was given to me by a wonderfully beautiful woman by the name of Suzie, I owe her at least a cocktail ;)
Simple can be cute. 

I think every girl should have at least one version of the detachable collar in their wardrobe. Instantly transforming any staples. Party season? Keep it in your bag and pop it on over your basic black top, ready to mix in a flash!

What are your accessory staples?



So why don't you

Whenever I get the chance, whenever everything is in order, whenever I'm finally out of the house doing something simply for fun I always find myself asking the same question. Sometimes I'll ask Lee, sometimes I catch myself saying it aloud.

Today was one of those days I caught myself, sitting in the middle of a green in Portrush, looking out at the sea, asking myself (out loud, bet I looked quite mad) 

''Why don't I do this more?''

It's a completely redundant question. I should know better by now than to even ask myself. But then I remind myself that is a pessimistic view.

By asking the question, I'm acknowledging that I'm out and I'm ok. 

By asking the question, I'm acknowledging there is a problem there.

By asking the question, one day, I might just find an answer.



Lovebirds and Owls

I have been chatting away with a lovely lady on Twitter this while now, unbeknownst to me (until recently) this lady creates the most stunningly unique and cutest little accessories.

Spearheaded by Suzanne and Keith Livingstone, Baked In Belfast has already received the coveted Theo Paphitis #SBS Twitter accolade. Theo clearly knows when to stand behind a good thing. 

This beloved pottery and preserve store is quirky in all the right amounts. Boasting Gin and Tonic Marmalade amongst it's edibles they also offer bespoke ceramic plates, bowls and ceramic plaques. If you have a request I'm sure Suzanne or Keith will do their best to accommodate you. 

Now I knew Baked In Belfast were renowned for their marmalades and chutneys. What I didn't know is that they also handcrafts brooches, so insanely cute I feel I have to warn you! 

Luckily enough I clicked open a picture attached to a tweet last week and I found myself staring at these little beauties...

When I exclaimed at the overwhelming cuteness of these brooches, Suzanne very kindly offered to gift me my very own. I was beyond excited when the package arrived (very quickly I might add, considering she was making them as she went last week)

Aren't they positively adorable!? I've yet to name them, suggestions are welcome!

I had to get them on my special coat ;)

I think this one in particular, The Lovebird (etsy link) is elegant yet cute at the same time. 

This little Owl is all the fun! 

I absolutely adore these wee brooches so much so I've already packed them back up for safe keeping. They're that special to me already. Carefully crafted and handpainted ceramic brooches that really are that little bit more special because of the person behind them. I hope to look back on these brooches in years to come and have fond memories of wearing them.

Not only do I recommend these brooches from a fashion aspect I recommend getting your custom behind a great local Northern Ireland business.

Please do pop over and have a browse through Baked In Belfast's offerings:

Etsy Store: Baked In Belfast

You're certain to fall in cute with something, whether it's Russian Doll brooches or VW Camper bowls. And if you're in the vicinity of an event where they are hosting a stall this Summer? Say hello for me :D 

I'm honestly away have another wee look at my (still nameless) Lovebird and Owl!


The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge is Born

When I shop online with a budget in mind I have a system. I will go to a website, select the sale section and then set my preference to show prices low to high. 

For instance if my budget is £20...
I will scroll through all the items that pop up and as soon as that price tag surpasses £10 and I haven't at least 1 staple item in my basket I simply close the window. It's harsh but it's effective.

Because so many of us are budget savvy shoppers the majority of the time it felt the right time to bring you some inspiration. 

And so kicked off the idea that quickly became a reality!

The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge

4 Bloggers per month (on rotation, we already have many!) will spend £20 in one online accessible store. There they will put together an outfit.

The store featuring in this month's challenge is....

And so it's without further ado I introduce to you the Class of July 2012

From Left to Right

Sera from www.theagoraphobicfashionista.com

These are the links of all the bloggers who took part this month, the deal is you read mine and then head over to theirs! All fabulously different picks I guarantee there will be somthing for everyone.

So as you can see I, of course, took part in this month's TheAFBloggersBudgetChallenge as it was the first and I was debuting my idea :D

Using the system detailed above here is my Matalan £20 Budget Outfit

    I really really like it! And have worn it already aside from these pictures so I'm pretty glad I took part this month!!

Only available in sizes 12, 14 and 16 in the red

These are a little steal! Been wanting something like these for ages!

These are adorable :D

Total Spent: £16.00
plus Delivery: £3.50

Well worth it, as soon as everything arrived and I'd tried it all on I was so pleased with my picks!
I do hope you've enjoyed The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge's debut, I hope there will be many many more and I gently urge you to go and check out my 3 fellow Bloggers taking part this month!


Bloggers: If this sounds like something you'd like to take part in, there are no exclusions so please do get in touch either here, via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Retailers: If you would like to support this challenge in any way or would like to see your store here please do get in touch by heading over to the Contact Me page.

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