The Christmas Sales.... or are they?

After days of moaning to my ever patient husband I decided to post these musings here out of curiosity regarding your opinions on the matter.

Sounds serious doesn't it?

The Christmas Sales

I don't know about you but I expected to see better reductions, more reductions and a hell of a lot more savings to be had in the Christmas Sales this year. I've been sorely disappointed by the lack of serious reductions in quite an expansive cross section of stores online. It seems to me that Christmas / January sales just are not what they used to be. Not even a little bit.
After talking about it, in length, on twitter, to my husband and just thinking about it I've happened upon a few points.

Is it, in fact, us as consumers who have changed? Do we expect more? With the sheer amount of bargain shopper aimed retailers popping up, such as Everything Five Pounds, are we starting to resent paying serious amounts of cash for our fashion or beauty finds? Is there too much choice? Loyal shoppers are hard to come by these days but I know I, for one, will stay loyal to a retailer who takes their reductions seriously. In saying that, I will and have, trawled through a ridiculous amount of online stores on my sales travels this week. And honestly? The phrase damp squid comes to mind. 

Another gripe I have is this folks. The savings that can be found instore are not being seen online. For instance, I was in a local branch of a certain store who had some great items down to just £3 (less than half price) when their website is showing them for sale with just a 20% saving. For any of us that can't make it into the hectic bedlam that can be the Christmas / January sales this is highly unfair. Why shouldn't instore savings be available to those of us who are limited to shopping online?

 On social networking forums I can't help but agree with the statements that I'm seeing over and over again....

''There's nothing in the sales''

''sick of seeing old stock wheeled out from last summer or even 2011''

''£1 off does not a sale item make''

So what has happened? Have sales lost their sparkle or have we, in fact, lost our rose tinted designer glasses? 

All I know is, for years the Christmas Sales were a way for customers to really throw themselves into bargain hunting. Now? Now we're sounding more and more fed up with the word SALE being attached to any little saving.... 

Thoughts? Have you found any serious bargains this Sale Season?



  1. Honestly i like the fact that their are better bargains instore it gives me a feeling of accomplishment if i go out and find better deals than online, if their wasnt that incentive to find better deals and different items instore then i probably would just be lazy, stay at home and order online.
    Thats just my opinion, though i do agree it annoys me when things go on sale and its only a mere few pounds cheaper than the original price.

  2. My concern is more for people, such as myself, who can't cope with shopping instore. Especially when it's busy. Or those who are physically unable, such is my situation, to be outside for any reason. Yes I understand that back-of-the-rail-hunt mentality and you're right it is such a great wee rush when you find something instore but the problem is, retailers are eliminating part of their market straight off the bat.

  3. I think the sales have changed. I remember when I was much, much younger and you could pick things up in Boots and The Body Shop for just a few quid! Now you'd be lucky to find a bargain for less than £10. But I think at the same time, we all have to remember that economically, England is in a terrible state as are the brands and companies which we expect good sales from. It's just gotten to that stage where massive sales aren't realistic for the brands/companies/shops anymore. I read the other day that it's expected another 150 big high-street names will be bankrupt and closed down by this time next year. It's a pretty scary thought. I do agree with your frustration over the difference between high-street and online sale prices though. Not just in the prices but the actual stock on sale. I don't have the money to go out shopping after Christmas, I also can't deal with the crowds when it's that busy. So for me, online was the only option. And I haven't bought one single damned thing. Nothing caught my eye enough to justify spending the last few pounds I have left until the middle of January. I actually think brands and companies would do better in sales if they limited sales to certain times of year. I remember it always used to be after Christmas, around Easter, maybe something in the Summer. Whereas the past few years every shop will have a sale on at some point in the year. There's never specific sales anymore. It's sales for the sake of being desperate for cash and hoping to make a profit. Sorry for the long rambly comment! Great post Sera :) xo

    1. I don't know why but the reply to you has posted on down this page as if I was just commenting lol but it was for you missis x

  4. Do you mean damp squib? Lol!

    1. Hahahaha YES! *facepalm* I'm forever mixing up my sayings!

  5. I would agree to a point but it's a massive catch 22. Sales in the way they used to be run could be such an economic boom for stores depending on their buy in price. I don't think the economy will improve if retailers don't re evaluate the frustrated consumer situation. But I do see your point. It's a vicious cycle though. Unless there can be sales booms then more and more stores are going to suffer. You are definitely spot on with the sales seasons though. When I was younger there was the spring/easter sales and the Christmas/January sales, now THEY were sales! It's a hard one to call definitively as I'm aware retailers need to cope throughout the year. If only monopoly money were real eh?

  6. i agree, the sales have been pretty dire this year. i usually buy loads, especially in zara, but i feel like i've hardly bought anything. the price reductions have been tiny, to the point that it hardly seems worth it at all. the only good deal i've found was two pairs of trousers reduced from £30 to £7 online at H&M whereas they're still full price instore, but that's literally it.
    the shops are still really busy though. i went out yesterday and got ridiculously frustrated at how crowded it was, yet could see absolutely no bargains anywhere so i think people are buying for the sake of it!

    1. I haven't hit the high street so couldn't comment on that at all, it's great people are out shopping, it's just a shame there's not better bargains out there x

  7. I wonder if the lower prices in store are a backlash to internet shopping and how it is 'ruining the highstreet' as is so often reported? Its very unfair when it is the same shop though...

    It bothered me how much was recycled stuff (as one of your comments says) and how much was on sale before Christmas that is still sat there with the measly 15% off reductions.

    I had a whole list of things to get and re-thought the whole thing once I actually saw the stock. Going to wait a bit longer I think. I did get a great bargain in M&S for some new tableware though.

  8. I've actually found quite a good few bargains (for me anyway). I got two pairs of shoes I'd been wanting for ages from Office at rund £16 each, this was half price. I then got a a new top and skirt from H&M for £5 and £7. There was a few other places as well, but my biggest savings were from Lush who had 50% off all their Christmas items and some other regular items which were made before a certain date. As this is my favourite shop I was so happy with this and got so much that I wouldn't normally try. I totally agree though that the sales online are not the same as in store, Office completely rip off NI for postage, H&M isn't great online, and Lush didn't have the regular priced items at half off, only Christmas. x


  9. I was extremely disappointed with the sales this year too! The H&M sale was dire, all I could see was a load of merchandise left from their summer clear out! From the summer!! Normally I'd expect to see in season items reduced, that were originally full price towards the run up to Christmas! I found all the other shops equally as disappointing! Also, I've noticed shops are advertising "up to 50% off" when I remember shops used to offer up to 70% off! Is it just me?! xx

  10. I never have the energy to trawl through pages and pages of sales stuff online, or racks of messy clothes and other products in store. I have picked up a few sales bargains, but they were things I wanted when they were full price anyway so just took advantage of the discount. The only thing I did search for was a dress for NYE and found one half price from Republic. I do agree, so many things aren't really discounted a lot but then I think there are great bargains to be found - if you know what you're looking for!! xx


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