I've been awful good girl, santa baby

When the good folks over at Simply Fancy Dress got in contact and enquired whether I'd like the chance to try one of their costumes I jumped at the opportunity.

I've been threatening to dress up Santa style for a couple of years now and never seem to get around to it, mainly because I'm not confident enough for those Santa costumes... All slink and legs. Nuh uh. Not me. So whilst browsing through Simply Fancy Dress I got so excited at one of the costumes I saw. Well, actually a couple! Bringing a few fresh alternatives to overtly sexy costumes yet still managing to cater very well for that market, this store is one fantastic fancy dress shop.

The costume I chose?

Available from an 8 to an 18 (listed) though there is a fair amount of stretch both in the skirt and in the top part (which is seperate)

Costume contains:
1 pair faux fur trimmed red gloves
1 Santa hat
1 faux fur trimmed skirt with under netting
1 top with ribbon lace detail and faux fur detail
1 faux fur cape collar

Much as though these were fun to edit I thought I'd show you a few pictures unedited so you can see clearly what the colour etc is like

White faux fur cape collar
Corset style top

White faux fur detailed corset style top with white ribbon

 Red velvet style skirt, white faux fur lined with black netting underneath

Admittedly I adore it and wish very much I could wear it more often. I'm not sure the local Dr's waiting room or Tesco are quite ready for it though.
What kind of Santa costume would you go for?

Naughty or nice? ;)



  1. Oh that's really nice! I like that it comes with gloves & the hat, usually sites don't include those as standard. It's lovely, really sexy in an understated way, a gorgeous alternative to the slightly stripper-y ones that are usually available! Well done Simply Fancy Dress :) ALSO - just had a look at the website and fair play to them for having all sizes at the same price. That wrecks my head when a size 8 is 20 quid cheaper than a 16. Fab!!

    1. Can' beat it, I'm impressed. Mind you it's the first santa costume I've had but they were great to deal with and the costume speaks for itself x

  2. This is lovely, so much nicer than the overtly sexy short skirt versions, and so much more wearable. You make a very glam Mrs. Claus xx

    1. I concur Louise! It's versatile too, you could really old style it up as well. Thank you muchly ;) x

  3. Ohh, it looks so pretty. Is it as fluffy as it looks?
    Very impressed. I hate when all costumes are teeny tiny and shorter than short. This is lovely.

    1. It's a fairly matte fluff but it does look so luxurious <3

  4. Cute! I too have been threatening to dress up for Christmas, think I can stretch to a Santa Hat this year perhaps! Maybe I'll try something like this next year...

  5. That looks so cool on you! I'm loving the hair too xxx

  6. I Should dress up as santa........not for a blog just for fun! ha :)
    another great post chick x


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