The ultimate party false eyelashes

A bold statement of a title. One I stand by 100% after trying out these false eyelashes.

Yes, I actually tried on some fake eyelashes and shock, horror! I actually liked them! 

Long term readers of this blog (can't believe it's 1 year old next week! Birthday Giveaway!!) yes, long term readers will know of my usual (dare I say it) disdain... for false eyelashes. I find them fiddly and I can never get them to sit right on me. Or stick. And if and when I do manage to get them on they usually annoy the hell out of me. 

Complete 180.

The ultimate party false eyelashes behind my sudden U-turn?

These lashes are priced at £12 which is a little on the expensive side of my budget however, after using them a couple of times I can say with certainty you'll get your money's worth. They feel durable. You get a good amount of adhesive with the lashes that I reckon would do you a good while depending on how often you use these lashes.

Apart from the obvious pull, the swarovski elements crystal accents, these lashes are great because they're not full on. They're a good length, literally just a fingertip longer than my own eyelashes. This is great for someone like me who doesn't particularly like feeling they're wearing much on their eyes. 

I imagine they'd not only be great for Christmas parties and the like but they'd also look amazing in photoshoots. Hidden gems if you like.

A great stocking filler and a must have party accessory! On that note the complete range of M&S Autograph Made with Swarovski Elements would make for great Christmas presents.

Moisture Colour Lipstick 

All with Swarovski Elements <3 They do make everything better in my honest opinion ;)


  1. I've recently bought some falsies, not ones with jewels on, and I've yet to pluck up the courage to give them a whirl. We'll see. X

  2. I dare you Louise ;) just remember to let the glue dry tacky first xx

  3. Wow! those lashes are so pretty :) finally got round to checking our your blog after #bbloggers also your hair colour is gorgeous!
    ionablogs.blogspot.co.uk xx


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