Belfast Telegraph Woman of The Year Awards, The Cinderella Story

I received a very exciting email a couple of days ago. The email was from the Belfast Telegraph letting me know that not only had I apparently been nominated but I'd actually been shortlisted in the Woman of the Year Awards 2012. The Fashion category no less :O

To say I am flabberghasted would be an understatement of the grandest proportions. I'm over the moon and so very grateful but completely agog. I wouldn't describe myself as ''fashionable'' at all. I'm style conscious sometimes but mostly, after losing the weight I did, I just want to enjoy clothes. For me, that's what fashion is about. Rekindling that childlike wonderment you got when you opened your dress up chest. 

Anyhow! Yes! Delighted beyond delighted to have been shortlisted! With that news came the invitations to the awards ceremony next Wednesday night. A black tie affair. Formal dinner, drinks reception, entertainment and the awards..... 

Lee and I received our complimentary tickets in the post today.

 And so we find ourselves in a quandary.

Long time readers of this blog will know my issues with being out and about. A social situation such as the one listed above is terrifying. Added to that it's at night and Riley would have to be babysat, someone would actually need to put him to bed (that's always been us) the hurdles just keep on coming.

My lovely Grandfather passed away 2 days ago. Throwing everything into a cloud of sadness and uncertainty. 

However, I'm pretty sure if he thought for one moment I was using that as an excuse he would have a well rehearsed cutting jibe to throw at me...

Of course it also goes without saying that I haven't a thing to wear. I honestly don't. I have nothing even remotely suitable. And Lee? He only owns jeans. A mini disaster I'm sure you'll agree. 

So, there it is folks. 

What do you think? Does this Cinderella go to the ball and get her happy ending?

Any fairy godmothers want to send me my ballgown and glass slippers? I've been wishing...

Bibbidi bobbidi boo?




  1. I think your grandad would want you to go, this is an amazing achievement for you to have been nominated and I am so happy for you! Tell Lee to get himself to Tesco, they do suits for very low prices now! Riley will be fine! I would love to see a blog post with you telling us all that you've went and WON!!!
    You can do it Sera!!

  2. Congratulations! That's an amazing achievement - of course you should try and go if you can. Primark, tesco or asda all do suits fairly cheap and I'm sure you'd be able to find a LBD there too - black tie needn't be expensive! Accessories would be key here to make you look amazing. I have no doubt, based on your blog, that you could pull a stunning outfit together.
    Riley will be fine. In my experience, kids act up when mum & dad are dropping them off, but as soon as they're gone the kid becomes an angel (this will cease as soon as parents return - happens ALL the time with my niece, nephews and cousins). So I honestly would worry much about that.
    As for the actual event, you could always leave early if it got to be a bit too much? I can't honestly offer amazing advice in this category, as obviously only you will be able to judge whether or not you could go. But I do remember you saying you had a great time at the wedding fare (?) with Quirky weddings despite there being more people than you'd initially thought were going - you managed to have a great experience there, so this could be the same! ? Congratulations once again, that is an amazing achievement for you! Good luck! Xo

  3. This is fantastic, well done you! You should be seriously proud of yourself and I'm sure your grandad would be too.
    Riley will be fine, Lee can get a low priced suit from Tesco (http://www.clothingattesco.com/suits+tailoring/f+f-slant-pocket-suit-trousers/invt/ep222105/&bklist=icat,4,shop,catgmens,mens-tailoring http://www.clothingattesco.com/suits+tailoring/f+f-waistcoat/invt/fw221030/&bklist=icat,4,shop,catgmens,mens-tailoring http://www.clothingattesco.com/suits+tailoring/f+f-black-regular-fit-suit-jacket/invt/er222222/&bklist=icat,4,shop,catgmens,mens-tailoring) and you could wear this beautiful dress -http://theagoraphobicfashionista.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/black-velvet-and-pearls.html Or find yourself a cheap black dress on ebay and work your magic on it.
    Cinderella shall go to the ball because she bloody deserves it! Even if you only manage 10 minutes, this is a incredible achievement and you'll kick yourself if you don't try. Make it as comfortable as possible for yourself, ask for a table near an exit (which I'm sure they'd be more than willing to offer) and be easy on yourself so if you need to leave you're not going to feel bad about it. Woman of the year, Sera! That's flippin' brilliant! xxx

  4. ps. Cheap tuxedo! http://direct.asda.com/george/mens-suits/tuxedo-jacket-trouser-set/SET883,default,pd.html

  5. Ahhh I am so jealous! Well done on getting an invite! I'm sure you will have an amazing time. Such a gorgeous black dress and a star studded statement necklace! Really sorry to hear about your Grandfather though. I'm sure he'd be proud of you though.

    Gemma x


  6. First and foremost, HUGE congrats hun!! What a huge achievement and you deserve it! It is something most others (including myself) can only dream of happening one day in the future :D So I would say you go for it lovely, life is short and one day soon you'll be an old lady and you can tell your little one about the night you got a great accolade and felt like a princess! Your outfit is absolutely beautiful and too pretty to not go in :) You could always take a little something in your handbag that you can hold tightly in your hand if you feel anxious like a lucky charm, even if you go along for a few hours it'll be a wonderful evening and amazing experience. Lots of love xxx

  7. I'm so sorry about your Grandad but what a brilliant way to honour him, you go and get glammed up and have a ball - don't worry about Riley, he'll be grand! And if he's still awake when ye get back - big deal. Don't worry about it, honestly x Like so many have said, black tie doesn't mean expensive. It just means classy and you, my dear, are that regardless of what you wear. You'll pull it off! Get Lee a pair of black trousers in Primark - my husband wore Primark trousers on our wedding day! They were perfect! He can borrow a jacket. Wishing you the very, very best of luck and fingers crossed for you xxx

  8. Hey,

    First off, i am so sorry for your loss, i too lost a grandparent last year and i know how tough it is, but you need to attend this event. your blog is fantastic and an awful lot of other people think that too!

    Your son will be fine, again i know how you feel because i was the same when Ellissa was younger and i still am a little over protective, i don't think that stops ever!

    You and Lee get your glad rags on and have a great time!



  9. Thanks everyone, so very very flattered and excited and nervous etc etc lol think we may have outfit sorted YAY! Though keeping it under wraps ;) xx


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