An open letter to my bullies

Don't worry I've some fantastic beauty and fashion fluff coming your way later this week but today has been a day of thinking. Days of thinking aren't great days usually. Lots of what ifs and the like but I thought I'd channel today onto the blog and then it's done. This blog was started as a therapy as such, to have my thoughts out of my head whether they were on fashion, beauty, doing up the house, my son or other issues. Sure that's what a blog is isn't it? Your own space to do with as you wish (within reason obviously)

This is a post I felt I needed and wanted to do today so I hope you'll all respect that. Did you know that this was anti-bullying week? With that in mind please be aware this post is not aimed at gaining sympathy, the actions are long past. This post is for me. To them.

Dear bullies,

I thought about putting a captial B there but there's no way I'm making that word any more important than it's already been in my life. 

Do you remember me? I remember you. Just in case you may have forgotten let me remind you.

I was the girl you systematically bullied in High School. I was the girl you and your friend caught up with at the bottom of the school hill and it was my head you saw fit to bang off railings. I was the girl you and your friends cornered in the shopping centre and it was my face you all had a go at slapping. I was the girl you, your friends and some of their boyfriends chased to the bus depot and it was my hair you pulled out. Surely you remember those incidents...

Well here's to you. 

Thank you for making sure I felt fear walking through the school doors every morning. Thank you for the mortification of being slapped in front of my fellow classmates. Thank you for that sinking feeling every time I had to walk down a corrider when I knew your class was emptying out at the same time. Thank you for every name you called me, every made-up rumour you whispered into ears, the pushing, the shoving, the spitting. You're one class act. Or rather you were one class act.

I presume you've matured now? Married? Maybe you've kids of your own? I'd like to know how you'd feel confronted with the situation my parents were. Do your loved ones know what hurt you're capable of inflicting? 

I do. 

So, if you've now remembered. Thanks. 

In spite of all your efforts, I'm here. I smile. I laugh. I love. 

You are wholly undeserving of the attention I've given you and these memories over the years for I bet you don't give me a second thought. 

I'm finished thinking about you, I'm finished with the what ifs, I'm finished with the memories.

And because I can't think of a way to sign off on this letter, I'll leave it right here....


  1. Bullies are the worst kind of person sorry you went through that xx

  2. Absolutely brilliant - I can hear the squirming from here!

  3. Bullies are the scum of society in my book. What kind of person has to ridicule, put down or abuse another human being to make themselves feel good. A petty, miserable excuse for a person, that's who. No better than an animal.

    I've been bullied too, though luckily not physically like you were. I know how it can change you. But look at everything you've achieved over the past few years, and this blog is a credit to you. You've beaten them Sera. And karma's a bitch .

    Thinking of you xxx
    Kat (dollyrouge.ie)

    P.S. sorry couldn't log in on my stupid phone!

  4. Great post. Letters can be so powerful. Hope it helps to chip away at that memory and brings you closer to moving away from its force.

  5. It's absolutely heartbreaking to hear what you had to go through, but you're incredibly brave for writing this post/letter. Maybe the bullies of your past are actually reading it now.
    Personally, I hope and bet they do still think about you, and all of the other people they hurt. I hope it keeps them up at night.


  6. very moving and a lovely way to put the issue of bullying which can have a profound effect on the victim's family - a very serious and often over looked problem - well done Sera!

  7. I was hoping you would say: In spite of all your efforts, I'm here. I smile. I laugh. I love.
    Im glad you are a strong, beautiful and smart woman today!! Always keep your head up high, since there are always gonna be ppl with no understanding for you or your way of living. This is just how world is. But on the other hand there are also many loveling and caring ppl, close to your heart and maybe even strangers.
    Remember that saying: Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
    I try to live by that rule! So i hope - you smiled today very often!!

  8. This is the second post in 5 minutes I've seen about bullying. There is never any excuse for it and I'm sorry you had to suffer through that. I think there's always a certain amount of jealousy in bullying - if there's any spark of genius or a person is a bit 'different' the bullies zoom in and try to crush it. Hold your head high and know you're a good person and they're NOT. xx

  9. This may sound quite strange, but this was beautiful to read. And very empowering too, as I was pretty much bullied throughout my entire Primary and Secondary school years. xo

  10. I'm so sorry about what those cowards put you through. Nobody deserves to be abused like that. I'll never understand how some people can justify bullying another human being in any way. How can they live with themselves? Bullies are nothing more than vile insecure cowards and they make me sick.

    I bet if you saw your bullies now they'd be living pathetic little lives- karma! While you can hold your head high and know how fabulous your life is in spite of their efforts to ruin it! You're so inspiring, Sera!

  11. Huge respect to you for writing this, hope it was cathartic. Now they are worth no more of your time or headspace.
    Dawn xoxo

  12. Amazing post Sera :-) It's better out than in. I agree with Louise above, the wheel turns, as they say. Maybe they'll have to watch their children being bullied and while they try in vain to have it sorted out, and see their childs misery, it will be eating away at them inside that they inflicted this on another person once. I'm sorry you had to go through this, nobody should have to x

  13. How incredibly brave of you. I hope that it was in some way cathartic to you and gave a little closure. *hug* Rose

  14. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to read this post. It was very cathartic and I'm so glad I did it. I hope you don't mind I won't be replying and would rather leave this up without further comment from me. I think I said all I needed to.
    Thank you again for reading and all of your beautiful comments. You're good peoples xx

  15. You are incredibly brave and I'm so glad that you have been able to move on and not let the bullies affect your life any longer! Stay strong! *hugs*

  16. whos laughing now!!:) heres the girl whos teenage years you tried to destroy whos now a woman of substance fashion and poise !sorry for the late comment but heres to you and your future sara:)xx


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