The New York Fall

I have always said (this is on a slight tangent to the post but anyway) that one day I will visit New York and I swear I'll be doing ALL the touristy things to do. Every last one of them. I'm torn though. I just have to choose a month / season really. I've gone into total fantasy mode now. Fall in New York to me sounds magical. Crisp leaves gathered at pavements edges, smokey nights and a slight chill in the air. Then there's Wintertime in New York (see it gets capitals). Winter in New York. With even more twinkling lights, bodies wrapped up warm against the biting cold and hot chocolates drank in the snow I mean how wonderful and dreamy does that sound!? 

One Day. It's kinda becoming my mantra.

Anyhoooo bringing us back to reality and today's post. I was kindly sent a few polishes from the
New York Color Fall Collection
and it was like they read my mind. 
From Left to Right (swatched)

 131 Chelsea Cherry
 A cute pin up style red.
235 Fine Red Wine
A deeper autumnal red.
205 Boundless Berry
Reminded me instantly of Beautyberries
And then THIS!

001 Rock Muse, Smokey Top Coat

It's very very cool. I popped it on over the Fine Red Wine polish.
A smokey black with small glitter pigments and larger discs, I am going to try it on top of a few more of my polishes.

Twinkling lights in NYC.

Very autumnal and seasonal collection with pop trends, heritage trends and gothic trends catered for. And all exceptionally budget friendly with the polishes costing in and around £2.49. They take just 2 coats for coverage and even-ness and with a good top coat have serious staying power. I must point out the glitter top coat wasn't that hard for me to remove with nail polish remover pads though I only had it on a day, still though I was impressed.

Where is your dream destination? I have a few...



  1. ooh I love the berry and top coat! perfect A/W colours! I hate how most glitter polishes catch on remover pads. They're a nightmare to take off usually but I might give this one a go if its easier to remove!

    How about NY in summer? Haha I've been blogging my summer holiday in NYC this week xx

    1. That must have been Amazing Christy! Summer I think would be too hot for me, I don't do well in the heat. At least with A/W you can wrap up.

  2. Great colours and perfect for fall.

  3. The colours are absolutely gorgeous. I will defintely be investing in some of these especially at that fab price :)
    Love your blog by the way, its making for a great afternoon read :) have followed you.

    Love Becky xxx

    1. Your very welcome :) thank you for following me also xx

  4. Those nail polish shades are perfect! Will have to check them out as I've never used NYC polishes before.

    I adore New York. I went for the first time last Summer and it was better than my wildest dreams. I can't wait to go back. I loved it in August- the city is scorching hot (makes a change from the UK summers!), but You've Got Mail has always made me want to go in Autumn, and I'd love to experience the Christmas/New Year season there, too. I'm going to have to try for all seasons before I die! So if you like the heat, I'd recommend August, and The Muse Hotel near Times Square is amazing!

    1. :O Louise! They're a fab wee budget beauty brand and they really don't feel budget at all - get on that ;)

      I can't stand heat but I'd love love love to see it at Christmas time, I think I ache for it x

    2. I will! These shades look perfect for Autumn! I always stuck to Barry M but I've been branching out more this year.

      Then definitely avoid August. 40+c and very high humidity. You have to go as soon as you can. I can't wait to go back. Just imagine how pretty it would be with all the fairy lights and snow! x


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